Henry's Crime Blu-ray

With a little more ending and less of Henry in his boring life before he started planning a robbery Henry’s Crime could have been a hit but direction was lacking in this take on the crime comedy.

Film making 10/25
Video 21/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 1/25
Total 52/100

Henry's Crime

I kept waiting and finally the Keanu Reeves we all know from action films started to emerge in time for the film to finally take off. To save this film that looks at a crime from the perspective of the accused before he commits it something very different needed to be done.

Henry’s Crime takes everyday Henry and introduces his high school friend Eddie Vibes played by Fisher Stevens who only wants Henry as a getaway driver. Keanu Reeves stars as Henry Torne who works for the highway department at a toll booth and has a lackluster marriage, heck a lackluster wife.

One day after his shift Eddie stops by to ask Henry if he would like to sit in for an ill teammate in their baseball game. Eddie has Henry drive and when they stop to supposedly get some cash from an ATM Henry realizes the car’s ignition has been hotwired.

When the guys come busting out of the bank to run in different directions a guard on his break sees Henry sitting in the car across from the bank and pulls his gun on Henry. Henry goes down for the crime of robbery, being the driver is as bad as holding the gun but Henry does not give up his “friends”.

Henry is sentenced to three years in prison where his new roommate is a lifer who actually likes it in jail, Henry makes friends with Max Saltzman played by James Caan. When Henry gets out of jail early after a parole hearing he has literally nothing, his wife has moved on and of course his job is gone.

Henry crosses a street in front of the bank where he just wants to see where his major crime took place and gets hit by a car driven by Julie Ivanova. Julie, played by Vera Farmiga, is a small time actress working in the theatre by the bank and was just heading to work when Henry walked in front of her car.

She sees Henry into the café nearby to make sure he is alright and after a few quick words with him see leaves for work. Henry goes to the bathroom where old newspaper clippings of a bootlegging tunnel leading from the theatre goes underground to the bank.

Henry takes this clue as a sign that he must rob the bank so with his new friend Max he does just that, Henry first needs to have Max paroled. Henry gets a part in the play to get into the theatre and discovers he is in love with Julie but only after they take the money and are ready for their getaway.

The film unfortunately leaves out whether Henry, Max and the others get away clean or does Henry’s criminal “friend” Eddie give them up. They kind of left Eddie tied up in the tunnel when Eddie tried to double cross them and take all the money but Max and Henry clobbered him.

Henry’s Crime starts out slow and with the leaving out if they do get away with the money and have a carefree rest of their lives the film is lacking. I was disappointed in the slow start but really felt let down when we only see a couple of the robbers driving away.

We also see Henry finish the play he was supposed to use as his getaway but he figured out he loved Julie who was also in the play and wanted to tell her he loved her. Julie and Henry kiss, end of film and credits roll so we don’t get to see if Henry actually gets away with bank robbery like we hope.

Henry’s Crime was a disappointment on more than one front, potential audiences also did not think that much about it and the actual release was pretty well forgotten. The film did terribly at theatres making less than a million and for a film that cost over 12 million to make this is bad.

Audio and video are very good for this film with good color and skin tone while audio is nice with some pretty good surround sound use. The audio and video are good enough but the film is missing on many fronts so the better than average quality makes little difference.

There are no bonus features on the Blu-ray edition of Henry’s Crime, the only thing besides the film is a couple of trailers. Henry’s Crime is a decent enough story but it was poorly handled in filming and production so it is less than ideal as a rental.

I would only recommend Henry’s Crime as a rental to see how Keanu Reeves is trying to make his break from action adventure films into something lighter.

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