Bones: The Complete Sixth Season Blu-ray & DVD Editions

Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth are back for more investigative anthropology along with a look at the relationship that six seasons has finally brought to fruition.

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Total 78/100

Bones: The Complete Sixth Season

The event we have all been waiting for has finally arrived, Booth and Brennan have finally, but first the sixth season wrap up. Terrance Brennan is Bones, the forensic anthropologist who takes remains that are barely holding shape on the bones of a corpse and finding out all about the life and death of that person.

Bones is an interesting series and has been going strong for six seasons with an interesting background; Kathy Reichs is the author and producer of the show. Kathy is also a board certified forensic anthropologist as well as a professor of anthropology at the University of North Carolina.

Kathy is actually on indefinite leave due to her very busy schedule as producer and writer as well as speaking engagements and work in Canada. Kathy has written a series of books and the Temperance Brannan character of the TV series is lifted right out of her books.

Bones is about death and murder with lots of juicy, gooey and messy ways to die for the poor victims of each case which is where much of the fun is. Being a forensic anthropologist does not exactly make Temperance Brennan the best person to solve a murder but the cases they handle are not exactly main stream murders.

Bodies that have been decaying for years, chemically deteriorated or burned victims who are mostly bone and goo or even piles of ash with only a foot to go on makeup many of their cases. With mostly skeleton to base their evidence on an anthropologist does make the best person to investigate these types of cases so the series has a good basis.

Having a romantic interest between the main characters but taking six seasons to get anywhere also makes for an interesting dynamic. Gooey corpses, forbidden love and just fun detective work all make Bones an interesting show and the sixth season just continues the fun.

With much less of a main season long theme for season six we have plenty of single episodes that are entertaining as self-contained stories. The season is mostly about the return of a previous antagonist and another that was introduced before but we only see these in a few episodes.

Bones has a larger cast than many other series and there are plenty of interesting supporting characters here with each one providing a unique addition to the show. Bones The Complete Sixth Season continues to be an interesting series and well worth a purchase.

The DVD and the Blu-ray edition are not that much different other than quality of the video and audio, both have the same good quality but of course the Blu-ray is better. The DVD has a bit less quality for video and audio but both are not that different overall, I have plenty of series on DVD and don’t miss the higher quality at all.

If you’re a Blu-ray fan you can get the Blu-ray edition and treat yourself to the slightly better high definition video and DTS-HD Master Audio track of that edition. The standard DVD quality and the 5.1 Dolby Digital of the DVD edition is also great making either set worthwhile.

Both editions include bonus content that is pretty decent but not as fully featured as I would like with a couple of extended episodes, two making of features and audio commentary on two episodes, a new series pilot and a short gag reel. Other than the making of features the main additional content is the episode from a different series called The Killing.

Extras are not exactly plentiful but they are pertinent and good enough to add at least a little extra content for fans of the series but could have been better. Season Six of Bones is pretty much like the previous seasons but with an enjoyable and varied story for each episode along with the fascinating main theme of forensic anthropology.

Bones: The Complete Sixth Season is a well-defined and entertaining series based on the real life forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs.

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