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The Art of Getting By Blu-ray

Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts star as two high school seniors who fall in love amidst the tough times of high school and trying to figure out what they want to do with the rest of their lives in The Art of Getting By.

Film making 12/25
Video 20/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 10/25
Total 62/100

The Art of Getting By Blu-ray

Freddie Highmore plays George Zinavoy, a high school senior in New York City who is a bit depressed and sees no point in succeeding at anything in The Art Of Getting By on Blu-ray. As the saying goes "we all die alone" so George sees no point in succeeding at anything or trying to achieve anything other than just getting by.

George meets fellow senior senior Sally Howe, played by  Emma Roberts, on the roof of the school and they become fast friends when George takes the blame for them smoking. Sally is interested in George's view of things as well as his talent as an artist but George has no ambition in art until he is forced to by his principal.

The principal gives George an ultimatum to force him to help on Career Day by showing alumni around the school as a chaperone of sorts or and is assigned to an alumnus who is now an artist. George takes a liking to artist Dustin  but after George and Sally hit a rough patch Dustin winds up taking Sally out on a date.

This upsets George but not as much as finding out his step father has lost his business and is out looking for a new job and George's mom finally tells him about their marital problems and that she wants a divorce. George uses the recent events as motivation to complete all the homework he has not been turning in so he can graduate from high school.

The Art Of Getting By is a kind of love story and coming of age film that just has a meandering plot and does take its own sweet time getting to any point. The film does not stand out much above other similar movies about the same topic of young love and growing up.

The Art Of Getting By has some very good video and audio with a lot of attention paid to filming locations in New York City as mentioned in one of the bonus features. Video is crisp and clear with some very good looking shots in not unusual but different locations around New York City.

Colors look good and overall the video is very good quality but nothing that is exceptional while audio is also very good but not excellent. There is a good list of songs for the sound track and the film does make good use of the DTS-HD Master Audio track and surround sound for the most part. Both audio and video were well done and there were no major problems but also nothing to note that was exceptional either.

Bonus content on the Blu-ray edition of The Art Of Getting By is a few quick making of features with cast and crew talking about the film and an audio commentary from Director Gavin Wiesen. The making of features from HBO and the Fox Movie Channel are okay but seem more like shots done to hype the film before it came out than actual extras added for their value.

I was not all that impressed with the extras and felt there was just not much here in the first place, this was just a disappointment all around as I was actually hoping for another inspired film from the same actor that worked in August Rush. The Art Of Getting By is not even worth a rental and should be skipped as it is just not that different to make it worthy of watching much less buying.

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