Modern Family: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray

Season two of the hilarious family series is out on Blu-ray with all the episodes that show just how funny the everyday events of the Prichett’s and Dunphy’s can be.

Film making 20/25
Video 21/25
Audio 21/25
Bonus Features 18/25
Total 80/100

Modern Family: The Complete Second Season Blu-ray

Modern Family: The Complete Second Season is out on Blu-ray and you have to see the family that is so much like many real ones. Modern Family tells the daily struggles and triumphs of three families in separate households but all related to each other.

Jay played by Ed O’Neil is married to the much younger and Columbian Gloria and is helping raise her son Manny from a previous marriage. Claire played by Julie Bowen is married to Phil and they have three kids while Claire’s brother Mitchel lives with his partner Cameron and their adopted Vietnamese baby Lily.

Christopher Lloyd and Steven Levitan actually thought up the series when they were telling each other about their families and growing up. Modern Family is just those moments in everyone’s life brought to the screen in ways that you can only laugh at because it has happened to you or someone you know.

Leaving a kid behind in the parking lot or Gloria’s accent being responsible for Jay’s secretary ordering a box of Baby Jesus dolls instead of baby cheeses. It’s this down to earth comedy that really does happen often in people’s lives that they highlight and makes the hit show.

I first thought the series would not be very enjoyable but after seeing the first show I have been catching each episode either on TV or on Hulu. The series is that good that I just cannot wait till I receive my review copy of the show to watch each episode.

The Blu-ray edition of Modern Family Season 2 has all 24 episodes on 3 Blu-ray discs with extras on each disc but the bonus content is a bit light. The video and audio is very good for the entire series and makes the Blu-ray edition well worth a purchase with both sides of the technical aspects really good.

Video is well done and clarity as well as color looks great, the video is shot with high definition cameras so it looks very clean. Audio is also very good with crystal clear DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio track for well-done surround and clear voice.

The series has both clear video and well done audio with good use of surround and often scenes standout for its clarity and good use of sound. Both audio and video stand out to me in many of the scenes as great and only at rare occasions does things go down any from that excellent quality.

Bonus features include a reading by the cast of an Emmy considered episode, a gag reel and few extra bonus features along with some audio commentary. The extras that really amount to much are the cast reading and the gag reel while the rest are a nice look behind the scenes but not worth much other than a onetime look.

The cast reading is a very interesting look behind the scenes of a regular reading of a show while the first half of the gag reel is really funny. Modern Family Season two on Blu-ray is how you should enjoy this funny and often realistic look at three families and how they handle the everyday life that everyone is a part of.

I really enjoy Modern Family and if you have not seen it yet catch the show on Hulu, then buy the Blu-ray edition of both season one and season two.

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