Thelma & Louise 20th Anniversary Blu-ray

Thelma & Louise on Blu-ray is here for its 20th anniversary debut with high definition quality and plenty of special features about this classic all girls road trip.

Film making 22/25
Video 23/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 18/25
Total 83/100

Thelma & Louise Blu-ray

Susan Sarandon plays Louise while Geena Davis is Thelma in this break out for women film about cars on the open road and the trouble they get into. If not for the superb acting this film would have been destined as a wannabe but with good acting all around it made a name for its self that made Thelma & Louise a classic.

The two girls go off to have a fun weekend together but things take a turn for the worse, they stop in a bar and when Thelma is accosted things get bad. Louise comes to her rescue and kills the rapist before Thelma can do much of anything and their vacation turns into a nightmare.

Louise calls her on again off again boyfriend Jimmy to borrow money from and he decides to confront her about their little adventure but it’s not what he thinks. He gives Louise $6,700 that she tells him she will get from her bank later and he asks her to marry him, she tells him later.

On their way to the motel to meet Jimmy a hijacking cowboy J.D., Brad Pitt, takes a shine to Thelma who takes him to her room when they get to the hotel. Louise has Thelma watch the money and when J.D. steals it Louise takes this really hard but Thelma takes things into her own hands.

Thelma robs a market and they head to Mexico but never make it, instead they make a run off a cliff when everything looks hopeless for them. My little summary does not do justice to a movie about freedom and reversal of roles going from somewhat troubled but mostly happy girls to wanted fugitives.

Going from waitress and housewife to running from the law, armed robbery and kidnapping law officers may seem like a stretch but even the lead officer trying to stop them believes the same thing. Even when things seem their worst you still root for the two women who are running from a life they can’t seem to avoid.

Classic American films are often the ones that are so farfetched or have a story that just goes from bad to worse in regards to reality. Like many films that turn into classics this one had the actors that just hit everything to make it actually believable and enjoyable.

Thelma & Louise is a great film even while you’re saying to yourself I wish they got away with everything, but then it would not have been the film it is. The Blu-ray release is a great edition of this classic and looks really good in high definition but sound is a bit of a disappointment.

The video has great looking color and skin tones are right on the money, the video looks fantastic and for a 20 year old film this is great. Audio however is a bit of a letdown with a definite lack of surround sound, the rear speakers do not come into play enough.

The Master DTS-HD 5.1 Audio is good but I usually expect it to be as good as video but here it just lacked a good surround effect some of the time. Bonus content features about two hours of audio commentary, a making of feature and extended and deleted scenes with enough to make it worthwhile.

The extras are a nice set of bonus content that is a minimum of what you would expect in a Blu-ray release and worth a look at least once. Thelma & Louise on this 20th Anniversary Blu-ray release is a great purchase and well worth the expense if you do not have a previous copy.