Glee Season 2 Volume 1

Glee is back for a second season in this half season release of the show that gets your toes tapping to popular music from this high school look at a oft looked down upon school club.

Film making 23/25
Video 21/25
Audio 23/25
Bonus Features 16/25
Total 83/100

Glee Season 2 Volume 1

Glee takes a humorous look at the extracurricular activity of group singing in high school that has made us take a new look at those school activities that some thought was only for geeks. Gleeks is one of this seasons catch words that describes a new popular bunch of kids, hey, its now cool to be a geek and singing has also become popular.

Glee stars a bunch of teen age look a likes, I think all the stars are at least in their early twenties, and adults in a high school musical type series that is quite popular. Glee has the typical high school setting with both teachers that are dedicated professionals and wacked out self absorbed cheerleading coaches only interested in winning.

Yes, Sue I am talking about you, anyway the cast of Glee really does work hard to make us laugh and get our toes a tapping. I guess for me that is really what Glee is all about, the really good variety of music that is entertaining and really does get your toes tapping.

Each episode of Glee has four to eight popular songs and the first half of season 2 has 10 episodes, in total there are 62 songs on the volume 1 release. In between songs the cast go about their lives both in and out of school just coping with the average teenage troubles of identity and belonging.

Glee is such a hit in my opinion because they take a fun look at the troubles that people in general have both in growing up and as adults. Divorce, being different, relationships, fitting in and many more serious topics are viewed in the show along with the popular music.

The songs are interspersed with the topics of each show and highlight the various themes happening as well as highlighting the talents of the musically inclined cast. The songs are ones that kids and adults can enjoy as they are both classic rock and other genres but some are modern as well.

There really is a wide variety to the song selection and the show is pretty good but for the most part more entertaining because of the music. The series is really working toward a definite end at the finals but with each main event of glee club competitions you get the feeling that winning is not necessary in order to move on.

Bonus content is pretty average with the Glee songs all playable on their own, a making of the Rocky Horror Glee Show episode and a few more extras. The bonus content is worth the viewing and for those that really like the music of the show well worth keeping on hand and at the ready.

Video is your better quality but typical television series you would expect and without any problems but with an usual twist to audio. During the series you have two distinct audio sections, normal conversation type audio during the shows regular times and the songs.

When you hear the start of a song you know it is studio quality, no rustle of clothes, no background noises at all just the singing and music. I found this odd but not unpleasant as the music portions sound just like studio quality songs which make them better.

That has been the only problem I could find with the series and I really do like the show a lot, I just hate the way they are marketing it. Half a season, actually not half if they follow last seasons episode count, is a letdown unless you really want to buy your shows by the half season.

On Amazon you can actually buy the complete season one of Glee for $32 or the two half seasons for $30 each for a total of $60 for the full season. Save your money and buy Glee the second complete season when it comes out later on just before they start airing the third season.

Glee is a great show and I am glad to say that it is well worth a purchase but just wait till the complete season comes out. If you really need your fix for Glee and its music just watch it on the internet or on Fox television until the complete release comes out in full.

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