Denis Leary and Friends Present Douchebags and Donuts

Denis Leary takes to the stage with Lenny Clarke, Whitney Cummings and Adam Ferrara in this Comedy Central special highlighting the not so typical topics in an unusual way.

Film making 12/25
Video 16/25
Audio 18/25
Bonus Features 4/25
Total 50/100

Denis Leary and Friends Present Douchebags and Donuts

Denis Leary really steals the show, literally, in this Comedy Central special with over 45 minutes of his own, borrowed, comedy antics and about thirty minutes for his Friends. Denis Leary, Lenny Clark, Whitney Cummings and Adam Ferrara take the stage at New York’s Town Hall for this Comedy Central special with proceeds going to Denis Leary’s favorite charity The Leary Firefighters Foundation.

Denis Leary and Friends Present Douchebags and Donuts is a DVD special about an hour and forty minutes with standup performances and several stupid songs that are supposed to be funny. Most of the act stars Denis Leary and his standup routine while the rest is split between his friends and Leary singing songs.

The Douchebags and Donuts special has three distinct parts scattered across the hour and thirty eight minute show with Denis Leary taking most of the time for the standup comedy. The second area is Denis Leary singing some stupid songs bashing people and groups for being douchebags and about thirty minutes with the talent of the three friends.

Lenny Clarke, Whitney Cummings and Ada Ferrara take the stage for about ten minutes each and while I did not have side splitting laughter over all three I really enjoyed Adams routine. The others were pretty good and worth catching which brings me to Denis and his stage presence, he should have left the singing to someone who could sing.

The songs are just rants about people who are not worth the time and effort to complain about and his calling them douchebags and assholes gets pretty tiring quickly. This part kind of reminds me of being a summer camp counselor and having a swearing song just to get it out of our systems before the youth arrived for their week of outdoor fun.

Denis just seems to have too much pent up something and needs to get it out so he goes on stage and sings several times with the theme like a single rant of asshole or douchebag. This smacks so much of teenagers bucking the system or someone trying to perform using shock tactics but not really understanding how that it comes off as not funny.

I enjoyed the stand up performance of Denis Leary for the most part but much of his act is stuff I have heard before, even his funniest part about drug side effects. Robin Williams and Jeff Foxworthy have both hit this topic enough but Denis just wants to make sure we have heard it, I Guess.

I did like Adam Ferrara but on the whole this was not really worth even a rental and the extras are not worth even bothering with. With a DVD of decent quality and not enough extras to fill the menu up you get a show that may be worth a rental if for nothing else than to give a few coins to the charity of Denis Leary.

Denis Leary and Friends Present Douchebags and Donuts is not worth a purchase and not really worth watching at all unless you just cannot hold out for something better.