Dances with Wolves 20th Anniversary Blu-ray edition

The 20th Anniversary edition of Dances with Wolves starring Kevin Costner and Mary McDonnell is finally here with an exceptional high definition release and all the extras you could want.

Film making 23/25
Video 20/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 20/25
Total 83/100

Dances With Wolves

Dances With Wolves was an exceptional film and deserving of the numerous awards it received and still makes an impact today. Dances With Wolves is the classic film that shows what can happen when everything about a film and making it comes together.

A good story with plenty of action and adventure, a love story and even a bit of good old fashioned cowboy and Indian action turned all around. If you have not seen Dances With Wolves the story is not even close to a simple one but well worth the time.

Kevin Costner plays Army lieutenant John Dunbar who starts off the film fighting in the Civil war and is wounded, then tries to commit suicide by running in front of the enemy lines. He is shot in the leg and the doctor wants to remove his leg after he gets some coffee into him, the doctor wants the coffee but Lt. Dunbar wants to keep his leg.

Dunbar thinks losing his leg is by far worse than going out as a hero so he takes his trusted horse and rides between the two lines of the north and south armies but is spared being shot to death by sheer luck. Having run his horse Cisco between both lines and having been shot at and missed by all those crack southerners the north uses the distraction of Dunbar racing across their lines to attack.

The beginning of the film is a testament to the director and cast making a statement and continuing this throughout the film. What that statement is would depend on the viewer and the film is full of these little drops of golden cinematography.

Dances With Wolves continues with Lt. Dunbar surviving his little attempt at death with the General finding him dangling from his horses stirrup and telling the brave lieutenant he will keep his leg. After the battle and his recovery Dunbar is given whatever post he wants and he chooses to see the frontier before it is gone forever.

Heading west he is given the chance to really see the open country when his officer tells him he can go out to a post on the prairie. The commander then shoots himself in the head, he was just a little bit beyond crazy, as Dunbar hitches a ride with the supply wagon heading to the post.

Dunbar and mule team driver, probably the foulest man Dunbar has ever met, find the post abandoned due to continued Indian attacks. Dunbar decides to stay with the post and wait for reinforcements from the driver who is not going to be able to relay this message.

The mule team is attacked by more Indians but not the same that are around the post, the Sioux, who eventually befriend Dunbar while he waits for his reinforcements. Dunbar winds up being fast friends and falls in love with a white girl who was kidnapped then adopted into the tribe and they wind up getting married.

Of course this does not all happen in just a half hour or so, it is over about two hours of film time and the movie may be long but is truly a classic. The length of the movie is only in contrast to how much beautiful scenery and gorgeous filmmaking they could get into that three hour time span.

Dances With Wolves is really a gorgeous film and the high definition splendor that it has been turned into really brings out everything it could. Video and audio may not be the best but it is both really very good and it is about the only reason that it rates less than a perfect score.

The story is perfect in my opinion with its modern take on the conflict between white civilization and the Indians who lived on the land before. The video and audio both work well but are not the best I have seen on Blu-ray which is a shame and I really did not have problems with it.

With both audio and video there are slight problems and moments of both not being up to perfection but they both rate very good. Bonus content is also about the same or maybe a little less, the DVD editions had most of the bonus content but a few new pieces have been added.

The film disc has audio commentary and a couple of making of features and the second disc of the set has the rest of the making of and other bonus content. The numerous bonus features really rounds out the films story with both real and making of the movie content.

Dances With Wolves is a great addition to any movie collection and if you don’t have a previous DVD version this is a must have for hours beyond the films length. The 20th Anniversary Blu-ray edition of Dances With Wolves is well worth a purchase and with plenty of extras that are both entertaining and educational.