Conviction Blu-ray

When Kenny Waters is wrongfully convicted of murder his younger sister spends the next 18 years struggling to prove his innocence until finally using new DNA testing he is acquitted.

Film making 18/25
Video 18/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 10/25
Total 66/100


Kenny Waters had troubles from the days of his youth when he would lead his sister into one form of youthful exuberance to another. Kenny was constantly doing the things all parents tell their children not to, stealing candy from the local store was the clear message they show.

When he leads his sister breaking into a local woman’s trailer home police begin to get a clear picture of his problems as well as a prelude of things to come. Years later Kenny is a local troublemaker for the police but nothing serious until one day they find the same woman dead in her trailer.

Kenny is the logical choice to place blame on the murder for the local police but even his real innocence cannot deter them from blaming him. The police are quick to want to find someone to blame for the horrendous murder and use intimidation to drum up a couple of witnesses that will insure a guilty verdict for Kenny.

When Kenny is sentenced to life in prison his sister begins to follow down a path that leads to her divorce from her husband and troubled times with her two sons. She spends years first obtaining her GED and then a bachelors degree in prelaw so she can go to law school.

During her time at law school she meets the only other older student, above the age of 21, in Abra Rice played by Minnie Driver. When they both pass the bar exam and are lawyers they begin on the hard work of finding the evidence if it still exists and proving that her brother is innocent.

When they finally find that the box of evidence from the case has not been destroyed as is usual for cases over ten years old they use it to prove Kenny Waters is innocent. Even though the DNA is proof that Kenny was not the murderer the prosecution still wants to retry Kenny as an accomplice but Betty Ann proves that the witnesses for the case lied.

Conviction is a true story and really does a great job of showing the continuing tribulations of DNA testing on old cases to prove guilt and innocence once and for all. Not only did Betty Anne prove her brother was innocent she helped prove that the local police trumped up evidence and witnesses by intimidation to get enough proof that the jury would convict her brother.

Conviction is a slow going film as it would probably have to be considering it takes place basically over the lifetime of Ken Waters. Even after Kenny proves his innocence it is a shame to finally learn that only six months after his release he died in a silly accident.

Hillary Swank who plays Betty Anne Waters is great and really does a good job of showing the determined but often troubled sister trying to prove her brothers innocence. Minnie Driver plays the trusted friend who also had a large part in the sisters dedication and a main reason she continues to fight, sort of the helpful friend who keeps her on the path.

Sam Rockwell plays Kenny Waters who is distrustful of authority from his childhood years and even during his trial thinks that eventually he will up in jail one way or another. Conviction is the classic case of modern DNA and forensic testing having such an impact even on old cases and the one case that is solved by this new testing.

Conviction has pretty good video, clear crisp images and good color with audio that has clear voice which is the main sound. There were no problems with either audio or video but being more of a drama the Blu-ray high definition is not really taxed that much.

Bonus features include a conversation with director Tony Goldwyn and the real Beth Anne Walters which is very insightful to the films story. Conviction is a very good drama and even though bonus content is lacking is well worth a rental at the very least.

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