Bambi Diamond Edition Blu-ray + DVD

Bambi is back yet again for a Blu-ray release that Disney can be proud of with great video and audio and all the extras you would expect from this Disney classic.

Film making 25/25
Video 25/25
Audio 23/25
Bonus Features 20/25
Total 93/100


Bambi is back in a Diamond Anniversary release with a Blu-ray and DVD package that includes plenty of classic Disney animated film and all the extras you would want. The classic tale of a baby deer that grows up and finds out the dangers and wonders of his world comes to Blu-ray in this special package.

Believe it or not even for us well marinated folks this animated full length feature even outdates us, the Disney classic is now almost 70 years old. The classic story of a baby deer as he struggles with his new world, the dangers of man and growing up all in the simple way that Disney was famous for.

Bambi is really a classic but simple tale that is amazing to see even after all these years with its poignant and well told story that still holds true today. But the story is not as grand as you might expect, a simple telling of life in the forest and the dangers as well as simple pleasures.

Bambi is born, grows up with friends and family close by until a hunter invades the forest, later his father helps him escape a forest fire and Bambi soon takes over as king of the forest. There is no huge adventure in Bambi, many scenes simply show the splendid beauty of the forest and the simple life of its inhabitants.

Disney started with his simple idea and it gave the audience something they still marvel at, a simple story told in a really plain way but when all is said and done it does have a timeless quality to it. The film is based on a 1923 novel by Felix Salten called Bambi a Life in the Woods and has been released over the years several times, getting updates and moving to new formats.

Even with the original video the film had plenty going for it in its original format with the great voice acting and songs as well as the technology. The film has a really good three dimensional appearance from the use of a multiplane camera that allows the characters to walk behind and in front of trees and other objects.

Bambi really has a lot of unique features and even today can be a telling story, a unique film makers classic take of how to make a movie and more. Bambi has a lot going for it in this release with video and audio that are as close to perfect as you would expect.

Video is great for an animation and as I mentioned the use of a multiplane camera does add a lot of dimension and feel to the film in several scenes. Color is great and in an odd way sometimes its muted or made to lack color to accentuate characters that works well.

Disney and the other animators did a fantastic job of creating a film that pays attention to each moment and highlights what the story needs at that moment. Video is about as perfect as you would expect from a film that was created and released during World War II.

Audio is also very well done but with the slightly off take of 7.1 surround sound form a film that was made in stereo thay did not have much to go on. Audio was really good in stereo but the surround sound does not have near as much clarity or punch that more current films do.

The film has been released several times in theater, on video and now in Blu-ray with new features and extra content including new bonus features and Disney Second Screen. Disney Second Screen is a cool feature that allows you to watch the film on your Blu-ray player and see the additional features and bonus content on your iPad or computer at the same time in synch.

The timeline on your computer follows along with the speed of the film and any information, picture in picture features and animation notes like sketches or trivia will be on the timeline for you to click on. This feature is just a new way to get the bonus content while you’re watching the movie and allows uninterrupted viewing of the movie.

Bonus content is about as full featured and useful to find the extras you want using this or just the plain old way of click on it after you watch the film as well. The bonus content is great with the usual making of features and older bonus content along with a new way to view it and a few extras not included before.

The 2011 release of Bambi takes a new look at an aging classic and breathes new life into the animated film that continues to delight young and old alike. Bambi Diamond Anniversary edition is a fantastic purchase and well worth the cost to add to your movie collection.

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