The Usual Suspects Blu-ray

The Limited Edition Book release of The Usual Suspects includes the Blu-ray edition of the classic crime drama along with an insightful look at the film, actors and more in a book attached to the case.

Film making 24/25
Video 24/25
Audio 24/25
Bonus Features 5/25
Total 77/100

The Usual Suspects

The Usual Suspects stars Stephen Baldwin, Gabriel Byrne, Benico Del Toro, Kevin Pollak and Kevin Spacey as five career criminals with an ill-fated future. After a ship fire and a shootout police question the only survivor while bodies are stacked up like cord wood on the pier.

Kevin Spacey plays Roger “Verbal” Kint who tells the police the story that started with the four big time criminals and himself in a police lineup. Four career criminals in a lineup with one small time criminal with cerebral palsy plan revenge on the police who are hassling them with the lineup.

When no one is obviously connected with the crime the police are accusing them of they all find out they have at some time wronged a legendary criminal by the name of Keyser Soze. Verbal tells the tale of how the five planned revenge on the cops only to find out that Keyser Soze has been playing them all along and wants to use them to kill someone.

The tale Verbal tells the police is suspenseful and certainly believable until certain aspects start to point in other directions but not always where the audience expects. By the end of the film and the last two minutes you have no idea of the final game changing plot twist to come but it is a great part of the film.

Once you watch The Usual Suspects and that final twist is revealed you can truly enjoy the film again even though you know what’s coming. The Usual suspects is a great drama and one that you have to watch again to try and see if you can find clues to that final plot twist.

While the film does that unusual back and forth through time using Verbal’s telling of events the jumping in time does not take away from the films quality. This is probably one movie device I usually do not like but the time jumping here is perfect and a great part of the overall well done film making.

The Usual Suspects has that film quality of having everything work out just right in the end from beginning to end even though the deck was stacked against the filmmakers from the start. The director and films creators had a cast of low ranking actors or ones who had not really done many big films and brought several of them plenty of attention.

While it may not have been any one individual’s efforts the acting, direction and production all worked out well and the film went on to win two Academy Awards. Christopher McQuarrie won an Academy Award for the screenplay and Kevin Spacey won the Best Supporting Actor award.

Video and audio are pretty good but not perfect, color is great and the occasional darks look very good with great looking shadow. The film has the usual blend of day and night, indoor and outdoor scenes with everything from one end of the spectrum to the other looking great.

The audio is up to the same standards as the video but not quite better as the surround sound is not as full as it could have been. The 5.1 DTS-HD master audio track is good but does not use the full surround in many of the action sequences but it still sounds very good.

Metro Goldwyn Mayer or 20th Century Fox or maybe both are releasing several classic and collectable films in a special edition release that includes a booklet about the film and the actors. The book is part of the case and includes a look at the actors, direction and the film along with trivia and tidbits that are entertaining.

Aside from the book there are no real bonus features and the film was good enough to have plenty but for some reason there are none. Like other films in this limited edition book release this edition seems to be the same as the other Blu-ray release in a different case.

The Usual Suspects is another classic drama and one where you get to see plenty of stars before their prime and at least one that just never made it. The Usual Suspects in either Blu-ray edition is a worthwhile addition to any movie collection and a really great drama.