Tigerland Blu-ray

Roland Bozz is a screw up but eventually leads the group of Vietnam draftees through training in the toughest course the military has to offer before the recruits are shipped off to the real war.

Film making 20/25
Video 16/25
Audio 22/25
Bonus Features 18/25
Total 76/100

Tigerland Blu-ray

Colin Farrell stars as Roland Bozz, a Vietnam War draftee who opposes the war but does not do anything outright to get him kicked out of the Army. He does talk back to the sergeants and other trainers in charge of the recruits and gets himself repeatedly sent to the stockade.

Bozz helps others to get out of the Army through loopholes, a newly married man with a handicapped wife and children that just needs to go home to take care of his family. Bozz helps a couple others but the sergeants in charge see he is a natural leader and they try to show him his true nature.

Bozz has a few run ins with others and even though he points out that one of the recruits, Wilson is not a stable individual. Bozz and Wilson have a few run-ins with each other but during a live fire exercise Wilson tries to shoot Bozz but the gun jams and sergeants take Wilson away.

Later when the recruits are sent to Tigerland, a training area that is supposed to get the recruits ready for the real war in Vietnam they meet with Wilson once again. Bozz and Wilson are in charge of their own units and when Wilson loads real rounds into his weapon things get too real.

Tigerland is not your usual war film as none of the movie takes place in actual combat, the whole film is at the training facility and at Tigerland. Tigerland is all about the character interaction and how Roland eventually comes around as the unit’s leader.

The actors in Tigerland really do a good job of showing the fear and uncertainty a new recruit about to go to the frontlines should be feeling. The action may be a bit sparse but Colin Farrell is a great actor in this film and plays the supposedly uncaring recruit perfectly.

Colin Farrell does not have many really good films, especially with him in the leading role but Tigerland is his best performance with him in the lead. Tigerland is an odd film for video quality as it was shot in 16 mm instead of the more widely used 32mm film for big movies.

Video is soft and grainy throughout and this makes the film look more like a documentary but this also adds to the feel of the film for me. A movie that does not even come close to real combat other than sergeants shooting over recruits heads and the occasional shots fired between them makes a definite statement and the video adds to this.

The film looks good but color is drab for the whole film just like you would expect it to be, even scenes not of Army grunts trudging through the forest appear flat. The film has a noticeable lack of sharpness and it just does not do justice to the films message, whatever that may be.

Video is just not up to the same standards most Blu-ray films are but audio is no problem with the DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround track that is very good. The training scenes with machine guns and other explosions are good with well-done surround and very few problems but there is still a few occasionally.

Video is not that great but the film is still enjoyable for the Blu-ray release and audio is just fine for a decent enough film technically. Bonus features for Tigerland are about average for a Blu-ray release with audio commentary and some making of features.

Bonus content includes an audio commentary by Joel Schumacher, a look at the real Tigerland training facility and about a half hour making of features. The bonus content is alright but a little short on content for making of features but the commentary gives some insight to the why of using the 16mm filming process.

Tigerland is a great film and even with the lack of video quality and any other smaller problems it is still worth watching. Colin Farrell gives a great performance and Tigerland is worth a rental at the least but if you like Joel Schumacher films or Colin Farrell an addition to your collection may be warranted.