The Third Testament DVD

Phineas Black supposedly has the answers about the death of Jacob Matthews so his wife Carolyn goes to interview Phineas but finds out more than she bargained for.

Film making 15/40
Video 20/30
Audio 25/30
Total 60/100

The Third Testament

Phineas Black is serving time in prison and may know something about the death of Jacob Mathews who was interviewing him for his knowledge of the Third Testament. Carolyn, Jacob’s wife, is not sure he is dead as the police are telling her that he was involved in a drunk driving accident but the body cannot be found.

Jacob is missing and several odd events have occurred for her to start her search by following in the footsteps of her husband Jacob and the documentary he was filming. Jacob was interviewing Phineas trying to find out about the Third Testament, four Gospels that are believed to be the last section of the bible.

Phineas gives Carolyn hints and clues so she follows them trying to find out both where her husband is and about the Third Testament. Carolyn starts out just trying to find her husband Jacob and through documentary type footage and news clips we unravel the story of the Third Testament.

Police talk about the case of Phineas Black while Carolyn’s sister talks about Carolyn and Jacob from the standpoint of a family member. Phineas plays with Carolyn through several interviews and a sudden twist to the story has the cameraman at the center of the documentary.

Phineas gives clues and hints about a group called the King’s Eight and more about religion trying to shake Carolyn’s faith. Eventually we find out some answers but they do not make much sense to the story or really give a conclusion that satisfies.

One scene has me really puzzled both while it was happening and after, Carolyn is interviewing Phineas and while he talks the text comes on screen the guard is leaving. Phineas rants and walks to the cameraman and tells him to leave, the text comes on screen that the guards say Phineas will not hurt her???

He is in jail for kidnapping and has murder charges pending yet the guards leave her with this madman in an interview because they think he won’t hurt her. He draws on her bared back for one of the clues and she figures the clue out and returns to Phineas again and again.

I was puzzled why guards of a man who is accused of kidnapping and murder would be allowed to sit in a room with a person doing an interview alone. No guards and then no one else to protect her as Phineas draws a clue on her back after telling her to turn around without explanation.

The Third Testament is an interesting view on the Catholic Church and the belief of a Third Testament but it does drag at the start and has a few odd scenes. The Third Testament is definitely a film you have to pay careful attention to in order to figure out what is going on and keep up with the story.

Video and audio for The Third Testament is pretty good but varied as you would expect for a film that is using several different techniques for a documentary look. While for the most part video is good there are a few scenes that I was not impressed with due to more of a director or producers idea.

Besides these few scenes where not much is going on other than talk the video is fine but my copy of the film is a review disc instead of the film you would purchase. Audio was also well done and fine on my reviewers copy and I see no reason to fear it would be any different from a purchased movie.

Being a screener’s copy I also had no extras or bonus content and could not speculate if there will be any on the purchased edition. The Third Testament is an interesting film in the same type as The DaVinci Code but did not take the same high caliber in acting for a better film.

The film has a style that has worked for film before but here the story is just a little too complex and jumping scenes so quickly just added to my confusion. The Third Testament directed by Matt Dallmann is a good enough film and worth a rental or purchase seeing as it only costs $12 from the website.

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