The Incredibles Blu-ray

The Incredibles breaks out on a two disc Blu-ray plus DVD and digital copy release of the Pixar super hero hit with all the action, drama, comedy and romance to your home theater.

Film making 23/25
Video 25/25
Audio 24/25
Bonus Features 25/25
Total 97/100

The Incredibles

The Incredibles comes to Blu-ray with a two disc Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy release for a full home theatre package that is really, well incredible. The Incredibles has all you need for a hit film with great voice acting, a fantastic story and well done CGI animation that really did take the Pixar studio to new heights.

Bob and Helen seem the typical husband and wife with their three kids and suburban home but they are anything but, Bob is the most obvious with his body builder physique. Bob is depressed with his average life and even moonlighting with his best friend catching bad guys just does not make up for the life he gave up.

Fifteen years ago the superheroes where sued and the government decided to hide all those super people in society as every day ordinary citizens. Problem is when you are used to saving lives for a living a job as an insurance salesman just does not cut it.

Bob is depressed and even the occasional night out on the town with best friend Frozone catching the occasional bank robber just does not fill the void in his life. When Mr. Incredible, Bob, gets a job offer that turns into the fight not only for his life but for his whole family things start looking up for the superheroes.

The family fights and wins the day but not in the usual superhero style of many films and stories but with some very good plot twists and comedy along the way. The baby of course is not involved with this mayhem and saving the day but not only does his little adventures with the baby sitter make for a good sideline, it makes a hilarious short film.

The Incredibles takes the superhero theme and turns it on its head a bit to make a better and different, read unpredictable, film that is very entertaining for a wide variety of audiences. While younger kids may find some of the scenes a bit less dramatic and interesting the film does a lot to keep interest and engage a wide range of viewers.

The movie does hold the same Pixar magic for CGI animation and has a great storyline that is interesting and fun along with entertaining. There are plenty of jokes and sight gags that will span the age groups viewing so both kids and adults will have their share of laughs.

The Incredibles is a great film and looks as well as sounds fantastic, hair moves realistically and the CGI is the best I have seen in a film even if it is from 2004. While animation and CGI has been continuing to improve this film still looks better than many that are being released in recent years and the Blu-ray release is as good as you could want.

Video is sharp and clear with vivid colors and deep inky blacks and shadows that really give the film a comic book look while still giving some scenes a realism that is believable. The film has a comic book quality that is really enhanced and made real by the video and color clarity that really makes the film enjoyable.

The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 sound track audio is also very well done with clear voice, great sound effects and music throughout the film. While the audio was great the video really stood out for me in several areas like the crisp clear hair and other hard to animate things such as reflections and those stunning jungle scenes.

Bonus content is fantastic, a great mix of audio commentary, a couple of short animated films and even interviews with Mr. Incredible and others. The bonus content is exactly what you pay for and expect in these fully featured Blu-ray releases and could want for a well-rounded release.

CGI animation is really getting good, just look at Tron: Legacy but that is all thanks to older CGI films like the Incredibles and the hard work put in by those folks at Pixar and other studios. The Incredibles is one of those more common great looking CGI films with fantastic video and audio now on Blu-ray as a fantastic release.

The Incredibles is a worthy addition to any movie collection as well as a fun and entertaining film for the whole family.

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