Supernatural Season 2 Blu-ray

Season 2 of Supernatural has finally been released on Blu-ray with a great overall release of this horror type series with plenty of humor laced action.

Film making 24/25
Video 24/25
Audio 23/25
Bonus Features 24/25
Total 95/100

Supernatural Season 2 Blu-ray

I love Supernatural but one thing that strikes me right off the bat, aside from the demons and such is the rock songs, classic and great theme music. The second thing I noticed throughout the second season is Dean’s unwillingness to believe in a god or heaven when they are forced to deal with devils, demons and ghosts.

Dean seems to believe that the ghosts and demons they meet and put down are just a part of the natural world but there can be no heaven because they have yet to see evidence of it. Sam believes even more strongly that just because they have not seen evidence of heaven and a god that they still exist, after all they are dealing with the bad side of the same beliefs.

Supernatural stars Jared Padalecki as Sam Winchester and Jensen Ackles as Dean Winchester, two brothers who roam the country fighting demons, devils and ghosts. Anything that is supernatural like spirits hurting people Sam and Dean try to put an end to the troubled spirits that still haunt the earth.

An overlying theme for the show is Sam and Dean’s mother is killed by a demon when it is interrupted doing something to the infant Sam in his crib. Jeffrey Dean Morgan plays John Winchester, father to Dean and Sam and hunter of the supernatural.

The sons follow in their father’s footsteps which was easy for Dean but Sam had to be encouraged, his fiancé was killed by the yellow eyed demon who is the boys main protagonist. The yellow eyed demon named Azazel has been setting up something all season, actually since Dean was an infant but you get the idea.

The boys are playing catch up the whole season until finally they turn the tide and take care of their main trouble. This only opens up more intriguing moments as they do get into more trouble than they can handle and have to take drastic measures to handle things.

Supernatural is a great series and has been renewed for its seventh season on the CW, but why the late release for Season 2 on Blu-ray. Seems the third season hit at a time when the CW or Warner started releasing all their series in both DVD and Blu-ray but the first two seasons only released in DVD.

It was just a matter of time till they got around to releasing the first and second season on Blu-ray and now here it is in all its Blu-ray high definition goodness. Season 2 of Supernatural looks great with clear video and well done color especially in those drab tones for an overall great looking season.

Even when they are shooting on a stage for one scene at a movie studio they give the movie set an unnatural fake look and the rest a realistic touch. The darks and shadows are well done and everything really looks good, even the odd effects they use for supernatural moments.

Audio is also very well done and about as good as you’re going to get, nice surround for those huge earth shattering moments even though they are few and far between. The Blu-ray release of the second season only has 5.1 Dolby Digital but this more than sounds good, it works very well even though it is not lossless quality audio.

The voice is clear and effects sound great with very well done surround so there are no problems with audio even though it is not the master audio track. Do not get me started on the rock music that plays in just about every episode, during introductions and at other appropriate moments they play older rock songs to highlight the moment.

The second season release on Blu-ray for Supernatural has plenty of extra features including some good audio commentary, new features shot just for the release and more. There are plenty of features and the release of the Blu-ray version brought even more from the studio for a great set.

Bonus content is about perfect and with new stuff you do get more than your monies worth from this edition, there are enough features to keep you interested for a couple hours which is great. Supernatural has plenty to offer and they even work at not taking themselves too seriously in filming and their episodes.

I just love a show that can take a look at what they do and even make fun at themselves, one episode in particular strike me with this. They are shooting an episode on a film studio and they use their own supernatural hunting knowledge to make the film their pretending to shoot more believable.

The whole episode and the style they shoot it in is just the kind of feel you expect from Supernatural and the direction and writing that make it what it is. While season one of Supernatural saw the show just getting its groove and feel for the plot the second season really has the cast and crew strutting their stuff.

Supernatural The Complete Second Season on Blu-ray is a fantastic release and a very worthwhile purchase for horror lovers, I highly recommend this edition.

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