Skyline Blu-ray

I hate reviewing films that are bad but because of good video, audio and bonus content the rating just does not reflect the films real value.

Film making 2/25
Video 20/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 15/25
Total 57/100


Jared and Elaine make a trip to Los Angeles because Jared’s best friend Terry is celebrating his birthday but really wants Jared to help him at his company. Terry seems to be some big film maker and Jared is a special effects or artist but this really doesn’t matter because the world is coming to an end.

Aliens invade the earth, scoop people up into their spaceships by levitating them, Star Trek like through the air. A group of survivors in the same high rise in downtown Los Angeles are trapped and try to survive the aliens who are pulling the brains out and using them in other alien bodies.

In the beginning they run for freedom that ends with the group running back into the building because the aliens outside are pretty big and tough. A survivor is grabbed by a smaller alien and tears the guy’s brain out to use as its own or some such.

The group is whittled down to four and they survive a day and night to witness the military strike back only to see a totally destroyed and nuked alien ship restore itself. The movie continues with nonsense while the group of four argues about leaving a glass windowed apartment or run for some sort of protection.

While two are trying to cover the windows with bed sheets Jared and Elaine make their way to the roof to some soldiers who landed by helicopter. A chopper tries to fly in and pick up the two civilians only to be grabbed by a big building climbing alien.

Jared and Elaine fight off smaller flying aliens and finally cut the brain out of one only to have it attack even more so Jared bashes it in with a cinder block. The big walking alien now burned by the last efforts of the groups condo employee played by David Zayas who goes out with a gas infused bang hunts them.

A fighter pilot obviously sees them trying to escape and tries to shoot down the alien only to be shot down and barely missing the fleeing couple. The mother ship comes over the building and with the severely wounded Jared telling Elaine she has to leave they wait for the big ship to take them.

Elaine says she will not leave Jared and they are swept up into the ship together kissing as the blinding blue light encompasses them. After a brief tour of the world’s cities being successfully invaded by the aliens we see the inside of a ship and Elaine waking up.

Jared has his brain plucked out of his body and instead of the blue glow that other human’s brains have Jared has a red glow to his. Jared’s brain is transferred through an alien apparatus to be transferred to an alien body which is what most of the human’s brains have been used for.

An alien device examines Elaine and she is pregnant so the aliens send her to some other room to have her child ripped out just like the other pregnant women are having done to them. Jared’s brain goes into an alien device that is putting human brains into alien bodies and he fights back in a last ditch effort even though he is now an alien.

Jared/alien now hears Elaine scream and he tears through alien parts of the ship to find her and protect her before the alien ship can cut her up. The end. Thankfully but that is not all as they are talking sequel but with this film the first offering is not worth it.

The video is very good and does stand up to the high definition caliber we have come to expect from Blu-ray, audio is also very good with its DTS-HD Master 5.1 Audio track. Audio and video are both very good but not fantastic so the film technically is alright, its just the plot, story and acting is so far from anything resembling a good film it’s not worth it.

Bonus content is also pretty well done with plenty of audio commentary and making of features but with a film that is not even worth renting, bonus features are worthless. The film is a very blatant rip off of other end of the world group survival films with the aliens abducting the world’s population.

Skyline just panders to flashy high tech science fiction fans that are looking for the next big alien film but falls short on every level and in every way. The films dialogue is sub-par to the point that you don’t care about the main characters and the general story is very disjointed.

Skyline is not even worth a rental and does not even classify as one of those rare films that are so bad they need to be seen for its terrible nature. I would definitely skip even renting Skyline and a purchase is of course out of the question.

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