Stargate Universe The Complete Final Season DVD

Stargate Universe went to the dark side with a grittier and darker story line but still in the same Stargate universe but sadly the end is in sight.

Film making 18/25
Video 20/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 23/25
Total 81/100

Stargate Universe The Complete Final Season DVD

Stargate Universe took its cues and some of its pop in characters from the popular Stargate SG-1 and a little from the spin off Stargate Atlantis. The Destiny is now manned by humans who took a last minute escape attempt when their off world base was attacked to jump through a worm hole to the ship.

The aging Destiny continues to limp through space as the humans aboard try to not only bring the ship under their control. The ship may be millions of years old but that fact pales to the inner power struggle between military leader Colonel Young and scientist Doctor Rush.

The series started with Eli Wallace, a brash young genius who found a code in a video game and was soon transported aboard a spaceship to prove space travel and the Stargate really existed. Eli joined Dr. Nicholas Rush at a remote base on a distant world to try and unlock the last address of a gate to travel very far away.

The gate uses a seven digit address for closer Stargates to link together the worm hole powered portal but ones that are farther apart use eight and nine address digits. The Ancients are a long lost alien race that created the gate system millions of years ago and created ships to seed the universe with the gates.

Someone attacks the base and the group of scientists and military escape through the gate to the ninth chevron address and land on a gate ship named Destiny. Dr. Rush is an ego maniac and thinks he is the smartest aboard so he starts to turn systems on and not tell the others for fear they will want to control the ship and go home.

Dr. Rush suspects there is a larger story and mission behind the Destiny and does not want to jeopardize the ships original mission. The story basically pits Dr. Rush against the other scientists and military members but inner conflicts exist not only between scientists and military but in those groups as well.

The episodes in season 2 are pretty good but some of the major plot ideas seem to have gotten in the way of the overall value of the series as a whole. I feel Dr. Rush is too obsessed in finding out the mission of the Destiny and his constant secret nature ruins the plot more than it helps.

It’s no mystery why the series did not get renewed for another season and actually not surprising as a lack of fans from 3 million at the series premiere to 2 million by the end of season 2 tells it all. I think SGU did not get the fans because they let things get out of hand with Rush and his ego.

I have no clue as to why the writers would give him so much leeway with taking control of the ship and not tell others but things went that way and we have to live with it. The series was doomed from season one when they continued to let Rush control everything in the ship and what happens to the people.

Too much attention and overall control of the group’s destiny was in Dr. Rush’s hands instead of their own which kind of ruined the story for me some. Whatever reason fans give or the show’s writers say I think the show was doomed when they went the way they did with the story but in the end the show ends.

Season two of Stargate Universe was pretty good and I did like the show overall and season two had better plot choices than season one. In the first season they seemed to concentrate each episode on a single problem occurring on the ship which made things a bit slow.

The series is also darker than the usual Stargate theme with darker video to go along with the more down to earth theme of the show. The video is very good and you can tell the series did get to spend a little more money than they did on previous episodes of the franchise.

Video is rich in darker tones, earth tones and subtle shading with well-done shadows and really deep dark blacks, color and video overall is soft and not glaring. Stargate SG-1 seemed almost jovial in color and brightness while Universe is dark and colors are also meant to portray the deeper and more realistic tones of the show.

Audio is also well done but not fantastic with mostly clear voice but at times it can be soft and good use of surround for those dramatic moments. Audio is on a 5.1 Dolby Digital track which is common for DVD releases and for the most part it works well but is not top of the line like some series can be.

Bonus features on all the discs include audio commentary for each episode, more commentary and making of features for the series and plenty more. There are plenty of bonus features throughout the five discs with plenty to keep fans busy for several hours and with the series ending we do have enough to wrap things up nicely.

Season two and Stargate Universe wind things up nicely with a goodbye it been nice knowing you ending that could continue if they wanted to. Stargate Universe could easily pick up the reigns later, not an easy story to come up with but they did leave the show with an out if they want to use it.

Stargate Universe may have said goodbye with style but the series is still a good one and the season two final episodes are well worth a purchase for fans. Science fiction enthusiasts may only give the series a glance as it did not have the time to come to full fruition so a rental is not out of the question here.  

I liked Stargate Universe and think it could make a second coming with a new set of writers sometime in the future but until then the series is worth a look for anyone with a penchant for good science fiction.

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