Season of the Witch Blu-ray

Season of the Witch tries too hard and in the end does not take itself seriously enough as a film, at least in any specific genre, but by all means rent it for a good romp through genres.

Film making 12/25
Video 22/25
Audio 22/25
Bonus Features 14/25
Total 70/100

Season of the Witch

Season of the Witch stars Nicholas Cage and Ron Perlman as Knights of the Crusade who quit their day job because of all the lying the priests do. Yes, we all know at least something about the Crusades and how the Knights ravaged the Holy lands but this tale is about two Knights who went errant.

Behman, played by Cage, and Felson, played by Perlman are Knights fighting in the Crusades for some ten or more years where they witness the massacre in Smyrnia and walk away from their fight. They simply walk out and plan to return to their homelands but when captured the Church gives them a choice between death and escorting a witch to her trial.

The Black Plague is also thrown in and everyone around is either getting sick or afraid of it so the town they find themselves in think that trying the witch will cure them. The Knights take on the job of escorting the girl believed of witchcraft to a monastery for her trial along with a priest and a few others.

The group gets whittled down one by one by natural and unnatural hazards but the witch does save a young man who wants to be a knight from falling off a bridge. The girl may just be misunderstood but the film explores enough possibilities in the first half to get your imagination going.

Eventually there is no doubt what she is but I will not give away the surprise as it really is nothing I expected, you’re just going to have to rent it. She plays both sides of good and evil too much to give the hero of the film a firm place to stand and in the end we are left with no clear stance until the truth is revealed.

Cage and Perlman are both great knights but the story is a bit too wishy washy for them to do much with their roles, they do great with what they are given though. The story works well and the film does have a good action adventure theme but it was just too disjointed.

The video and audio are great with well-done surround but I have become used to the better quality of Blu-ray, action scenes of the Crusades do not look as good as I had expected though. The film varies between dark forbidding horror type and a crisp clear action film type of video but both are good in their own way.

The video transfer to Blu-ray worked well and you really have very little problems other than an occasionally heavy handed feel for certain genres in the video. The films audio is also well done with clear voice and good use of surround sound but again there is genre specific devices used.

Season of the Witch brings audio in a DTS Master Audio 5.1 track that works very well and I could find no clear areas to complain about except one. Clear voice and well done effects along with some great action sequences with the clash and clang of armor and swords sounds great.

The horse hooves are the only spot I could find to complain about, at times they are walking through a forest trail with hooves clopping along where they shouldn’t be. The surround works well but they also use common genre devices such as sound from all channels to make you jump a few times.

Both video and audio work well and have very few problems for the full film so ratings for them are both good but the additional features are a bit short. There are a few additional bonus features dealing with the film and the time period but even the customary audio commentary is missing.

The 40 minutes of bonus content more than falls short, there is just not enough to get much more than a passing nod to the additions. Season of the Witch is one of those films that work well and with decent jobs at their parts could have been better with the good acting.

Season of the Witch does fall short on both the story and the bonus features so a rental would probably be the worthiest choice for the film.

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