Pretty Little Liars the Complete First Season DVD

Pretty Little Liars is the ABC Family channel show about girls and their dirty little secrets, as well as the lies they tell to keep those secrets hidden.

Film making 18/25
Video 18/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 18/25
Total 74/100

Pretty Little Liars DVD

Four friends find themselves getting acquainted all over again a year after a pair of tragic events and some family matters broke up the group. One tragedy is the disappearance of Alison and the other is an accident where another girl is blinded.

I was actually disappointed in Pretty Little Liars for several reasons even if it is a pretty good series, the show reuses other series plots, or is it the other way around. While other shows may have copied from Sara Shepard’s book series turned into a TV show it is too late when others have the same plot.

The dating your English teacher can easily be from Life Unexpected and I am sure it is also in many other TV shows and films but to have it so exactly is annoying. The problem I have with this one plot line is it’s copied almost exactly from Life Unexpected without changing much about it at all.

Of course the other series could have copied it from the books and just got to air sooner but whichever it could have been dealt with differently as it is just too similar. Other parts of the show from story to overall filming is also annoying to me but the show also entertained enough in that school girl bonding way that is was alright.

Overall the story is at times too jumpy and other times it works well but you get kind of tired of the smaller issues that the story dwells on. One moment you’re seeing the day to day struggles of teenagers in high school dealing with divorce, love and the loss of a friend then you’re dealing with murder.

The four girls are haunted by a mysterious A who knows all their secrets and seems to be following them to ruin their lives forever. This unknown A could be an all seeing and technically savvy fellow student out to put the little group of girls in their place but the main plot is a series ender if they ever do reveal it.

The show does have its fans and then some but the show also has its problems not only with story but with technical issues but not how you may think. The show is too clean, no missed make up sessions for these actors as everything is perfect, a clear misdirection from the season one cover.

During one of the episodes the girls are getting close to who is behind the whole A mystery when one of them is hit by a car and left for her friends to call for help. When Hanna wakes up in the hospital with a cast from hip to toes she has a perfect face and makeup that looks like she is ready for a date.

Video is pretty good and color is well done, flesh tones look great and everything looks fine technically but the all perfect makeup makes the film look odd. I have noticed this in other movies and series and it bothers me when they tidy up the world for a show, no trash near the curbs, no litter or cigarette butts outside those bars and the makeup.

The world is not that clean a place yet family oriented films and series insist to show it that way, anyway, Pretty Little Liars Season One looks and sounds really good. Audio is clear and for the DVD version the 5.1 Master Audio surround sound is just fine with good music and surround use.

Bonus content is pretty good with a nice game with the cast, a making of feature, behind the scenes secrets and a nice episode guide as a booklet in the DVD case. I usually don’t mention the included fluff inside the DVD case but this time it actually is a useful piece of paper in a guide to each episode of the season.

The other bonus features are nice and the game really is fun with the four girls telling three tall tales and you need to pick out the one lie among them. The others are a making of feature and deleted scenes which is alright but the making of feature is also interesting with unique insight into the filming and auditions.

Pretty Little Liars is one of those shows that while I watched and enjoyed it for the most part I am pulled between the little things and the bigger story. Its this one thing after another, perfect makeup all the time, the girls always keeping this huge secret and more that is just too crazy to take.

Everyone around them gets this impression the girls are keeping some sort of secret but no one is asking them what is going on. None of the adults including the police ever ask the four girls outright about this even though everyone seems to think something is up.

That is both the interesting part of the show and the frustrating one in that the show seems to be a bit too farfetched to be believed. Pretty Little Liars is an alright show and even with its flaws it does stand out as one that seems to have enough going for it that it will continue for at least a few more seasons.

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