Overboard Blu-ray

Goldie Hawn gives a great performance in Overboard, Goldie  plays the rich wife who falls overboard and during her amnesia ridden stay in a small Oregon town finds her true calling.

Film making 16/25
Video 20/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 0/25
Total 56/100

Overboard Blu-ray

Goldie Hawn plays Joanna Stayton, a stuck up rich woman who traveling with her husband Grant are cruising the world and stopover in small town Elk Cove, Oregon. Joanna wants her closet redesigned because she does not have enough space for all her shoes, yes, that stuck up.

She hires a carpenter, Kurt Russell playing Dean Proffitt, but does not satisfy her even though he does a fantastic job on his hide away shoe storage closet. Joanna refuses to pay because she wants cedar and Dean says the oak he built it from is better, she is hard to please.

Later after pushing Dean off the yacht and throwing his tools after him she falls overboard searching for her wedding ring. No one hears her calls for help as the ship sails off into the dark of night but she does get rescued by the Elk Cove garbage scow.

Joanna has amnesia and does not remember who she is so Dean seeing her on the local TV station comes up with a plan to get his pay from her. He pretends she is his wife to look after his kids and take care of his home, Dean’s wife died three years ago.

Dean had a visit from the local school principle about his kids and how out of control they are so with the new school year about to start she expects better things from his kids. Dean takes Joanna, now Annie, home to take care of things for him to get the principle off his back, clean up his trashed home and get the kids off to school.

The four kids run her ragged but eventually she gets a handle on things, washing, cooking, cleaning up and even bonding with the boys. Dean starts to feel guilty conning her into being his wife and taking care of his family but she also sees a side of him that is different.

Dean tells her he always goes out with his friends every night but she follows him one night when Dean leaves his bowling ball at home, his son says he went bowling. She sees that he is moon lighting at a local fertilizer plant hauling bags of fertilizer and other work for some extra pay.

Annie/Joanna starts to fall for Dean and helps Dean with his big business idea, a mini golf course but she has the idea of using the seven wonders of the world. Dean and his best friend pitch the idea to some investors and they get a loan to start the business but on the opening day Dean tells Annie/Joanna who she really is.

She does not believe him at first but when they get home Grant is there looking for her because her mother has been pestering Grant about her whereabouts. Grant had a ball while Joanna was gone and was not missing her stuck up attitude at all but her mother was missing her.

Joanna suddenly remembers who she is and who Dean is so she storms back to Grant and her old life but things have changed. She sees how terrible a person she was and even misses both the boys and Dean, she leaves Grant and goes back to Elk Cove but takes her money.

Overboard is another of those could have been great films if they had stayed true to the story and used less of the cornball stuff of comedy films. Like the other movies of this Blu-ray release, Be Cool, Overboard and The Cutting Edge, the film is almost there but missing that one thing to make it better than it turned out to be.

Video and audio are pretty good with the usual well done colors and surround that worked well enough but the film was released with the original 2.0 stereo surround. I love when the company decides to stick with what worked for the original sound track that is more than good enough for a comedy.

Overboard has no extras, only a trailer of the film and with a film that could have been better a rental is about all you should get out of this entertainment package. Overboard is a pretty funny movie but could have been better than it is, Goldie Hawn does a great acting job here so Overboard is worth a rental to see her talent in action.