Mythbusters Season 7

“They don’t just tell the myths, they put them to the test.” I love the Mythbusters and their do or die attitude toward exposing myths by experimentation and science.

Film making 24/25
Video 25/25
Audio 24/25
Bonus Features 20/25
Total 93/100

Mythbusters Season 7

The Mythbusters: Adam Savage, Jamie Hyneman, Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, Grant Imahara and this season with newcomer Jessi Combs for some episodes as a temporary replacement for Kari. Kari it seems has taken some time off during this season for personal reasons, well it is personal when she has a baby.

Mythbusters returns for a seventh season with whole new looks at myths and putting the scientific method to the test to try their hand at proving or disproving the truth behind the myths. Mythbusters tests myths, rumors and other tall tales heard from viewers and others like folk lore and urban legend experts.

Mythbusters uses the scientific method to test out these myths and the group takes their best try at confirming, busting or deeming myths as plausible. The team. Mainly Adam and Jamie, have over thirty years of experience in special effects and has taken this talent to the reality television scene.

The show does an excellent job with science and proving or disproving the myths or topics and each myth is looked at from many possible angles or conclusions. The episode list even has a few revisits to try their tests again at episode topics to make sure they got everything correct the first time.

These revisits, Mythssion Control, Hair of the Dog, Inverted Underwater Car and President’s Challenge, look at myths and from fan complaints and comments retry them with variations. All five/six cast members along with a vast group of support personnel, producers, researchers and even the President of the United States helps out.

Like President Obama I love the scientific aspects of Mythbusters and how they use not only research but the scientific method to test out everything they do. They even go so far as to revisit myths and look at them again when enough fans make requests or point out potential problems with the way things went in episodes.

Mythbusters is truly a show that you can learn a lot right along with Adam, Jamie and the rest as they test out popular and fan myths. Can you survive a dumpster dive, are there germs left on soda cans we buy or do we really get cold feet in the face of fear.

These and many more, 28 episodes in all, are tried and tested to the fullest as the team goes into action from their base in San Diego. Mythbusters is a tried and tested show and they are really into a good groove at testing popular myths and seeing the outcome whether they like what they get or not.

I do have to note something about the seasons released by Discovery and getting to watch all the episodes, the seven seasons are not all the Mythbusters you can get. When you view all seven seasons you are still missing the first three pilot episodes and several specials.

Here is a list of specials that are not included in the seven seasons available from Discovery:

Jet Assisted Chevy, Biscuit Bazooka and Poppy-Seed Drug Test Pilot episodes from 2003
Buster Special, Ultimate Mythbusters, Mythbusters Outtakes, Shop ‘til You Drop Special, Mythbusters Revealed, Hollywood on Trial and Jaws Special from 2005
Mega Movie Myths from 2006
Special Supersized Myths from 2007
Demolition Derby from 2009

You can purchase some of these specials from either the Discovery store or Amazon but a few are hard to find like the Buster Special and the Ultimate Mythbuster specials. While I did not find these for sale I did find a few of the missing specials for sale and will be ordering them as well.

I guess the thing that says it all for me is the President’s Challenge when the leader of our great nation likes a show and recommends it the series is worth a look. Like President Obama I also think Mythbusters is a fantastic show and not only worth a look but should be required as highly educational and informational television.

Mythbusters shows that the scientific method and experimentation in general is useful not only for great aspects of nature and science but in many things. Common questions about the world around us and being educated about our world is important to our society and future.

Video and audio are both fantastic but also very mixed up as the show is reality based with a wide variety of filming techniques. The video and audio are both as good as you’re ever going to get with video being the better with the use of such expensive equipment like high speed cameras.

Bonus content is not quite as good but with a reality show this is pretty good for a DVD release with questions from fans and answers by Jamie and Adam. About the only other thing you could expect would be the smaller snippets they use on the Discovery Channel to help advertise the show but they do need something to entice customers with.

Mythbusters is really a show that demands to be viewed again and again and is a must for anyone who is interested in science and the world around us. I highly recommend the Mythbusters show for everyone and the latest season 7 continues the great series and tradition of Mythbusters.

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