Moonstruck Blu-ray

Cher and Nicolas Cage star in this offbeat romantic comedy as two lovers who in the middle of finding their feelings for each other have to deal with the rest of their friends and family who are as off center as they are.

Film making 18/25
Video 18/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 18/25
Total 74/100

Moonstruck Blu-ray

I have never seen Moonstruck before, I could see the writing on the wall from the scene in the airport as Danny Aiello tells Cher to look up his estranged brother before their wedding. Cher checks out the brother who has not been in contact with her fiancé because of an accident years ago and falls for him, hard.

While Moonstruck is the silly nonsense of a love story based on nothing more than someone falling in love and deciding to not marry for convenience sake it does a great job as a love story. A silly, almost pathetic love story with twists and turns that you laugh at even while the characters are jumping in and out of the relationships.

While her husband is out actively seeing other women Rose, played by Olympia Dukakis, meets a man who has a tiff with his girlfriend and they share a table at the restaurant. After some innocent conversation and dinner he walks her to her home but on the short way they are met by her father who sees them and shows his disapproval.

The husband is fooling around and the wife has one innocent dinner yet her father sees this event and jumps to the conclusion that is the opposite of what is really happening. It’s these funny events that happen throughout the film and the almost joyful way Ronny goes in a heartbeat from wanting to end it all to spending the rest of his life with Loretta.

Olympia Dukakis plays Rose, Loretta’s mother and tries her best to guide Rose but with her own marriage falling apart can’t exactly be the model of stability. Danny Aeillo plays Johnny Cammareri and while waiting for his mother to die, or so everyone thought, calls back a few times lamenting on being away from Loretta and about his dying mother.

When Johnny’s mother turns for the better and gets up from her deathbed to cook for everyone Johnny returns home with news of her miraculous recovery. Johnny shows up to tell everyone he can’t marry Loretta because his mother’s sudden recover is a sign he cannot marry again.

Loretta is outraged at first even though she has fallen in love with Ronny and then Ronny blows their secret to his brother and asks Loretta to marry him. Ronny asks Johnny for the ring that Loretta threw at him to ask Loretta for her hand in marriage.

Confusing times at the end of the movie as this love story comedy comes to an end but with the twists and turns that you can sort of see it is a fun time. Moonstruck is one of those films that probably would not have made a very good book and was probably a hit or miss as a movie unless they got the right cast and director as it turned out.

The Blu-Ray version may not be that much of an improvement over DVD but the video did have good color that is appropriate for a New York suburb. The film is dated and for a 25 year old it has weathered nicely onto Blu-ray for video and audio was more of a problem.

Audio is not quite as good with a bit of a sound problem here and there for being able to clearly hear dialogue but this only happens a few times. Mostly voice is crisp and clear and background audio does not cover it up except on a few occasions so audio is not as good as it could have been.

The music is good and for audio I am not sure if this was an original problem or a Blu-ray transfer, surround was also not very good but that is not unusual for this type of movie. Audio and video are more than good and for the age of the film there are no problems that prevent you from enjoying this movie.

Extras include a making of feature for the film and a shorter look at the music as well as a fun look at cuisine of the New York’s Little Italy neighborhood that is great. With these older films bonus content can be lacking and this title is no different with only about an hour of extras.

Moonstruck is a fun film and one that is worth renting at least and if you like the performances of the comedy it may be worth a collection addition. If you already have a copy of Moonstruck on DVD an upgrade to Blu-ray is probably not needed as the Blu-ray edition of Moonstruck is not that great an improvement over your standard DVD.