Whitney Cummings: Money Shot DVD

Whitney Cummings hits the stage for this standup comedy routine that follows along the same lines as porn with no real focus on anything of substance just like pornography.

Film making 16/25
Video 20/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 0/25
Total 56/100

Whitney Cummings: Money Shot DVD

Whitney Cummings is a new comer to comedy and does not have very many routines or appearances under her belt, she has been on Comedy Central, is a regular of Chelsea Lately and roasts Joan Rivers. She has also appeared rather quickly in the Douchebags and Doughnuts special starring Denis Leary, yech!, but I could not find many other appearances on DVD or the internet.

Whitney Cummings: Money Shot is okay and I did laugh at a few of her jokes but for the most part I sat and waited for the funny parts. Reviewing comedy is probably the hardest moments in reviewing aside from mistakes I make and are caught by the companies I review products from.

I enjoy good comedy and some of my favorite comedians are Bill Engvall and Robin Williams but some smaller time comedians do make it on my list of favorites. Whitney Cummings will probably be on my check out again list as she just did not make me laugh but also did not insult my intelligence.

I hate it when comedians use tactics like shock factor to make their point and try to make people laugh and while Whitney hits this a few times she mostly avoids it. She does use pornography and many perceptions about it in her routine which is where the title probably comes from.

Jokes about watching porn versus watching sports, who invented the thong and other typical observations are pretty good but not all that funny. That is the main problem with many routines, they either work or fall flat and most of the routine here is like that.

Whitney Cummings may strike many as hilarious but for me it was more of a trial and error type comedy act than a true hilarious hit. Whitney Cummings: Money Shot is possibly worth a rental if you like other work by her but I did not think it worth my time or very entertaining.

The video and audio is fine and good enough for a standup routine with no problems in seeing Whitney on stage or hearing the routine in the Dolby Digital Stereo sound. There are also no extras or bonus content on the DVD so this is a bare bones 50 minute comedy routine with nothing else on the disc.

Whitney Cummings: Money Shot is worth a look as a rental if you like her type of comedy but otherwise I would go for things you know and love.

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