Last Tango in Paris Blu-ray

Last Tango in Paris is hailed as a revolutionary film that brought controversy to the film industry of the time but now appears more of an emotional drama.

Film making 15/25
Video 16/25
Audio 18/25
Bonus Features 0/25
Total 49/100

Last Tango in Paris Blu-ray

To say I was disappointed in Last Tango in Paris is an understatement; the film had me wanting it to be over and at the same time wanting to see more of the beautiful Maria Schneider. Marlon Brando plays Paul and Maria plays Jeanne, two lovers lost in their own emotional world who escape to each other in their secret apartment.

Paul is still trying to get over his wife’s suicide and meets Jeanne at an apartment that they are both looking at and have sex. They continue to meet at the apartment but Paul puts some demands on the relationship like no names and no talking about anything that happens outside the apartment.

Jeanne is an actress of sorts and is in love with her boyfriend’s director who is making a film of her life while Paul is just coping with his loss. Paul is getting over the death of his wife even as he tries to create a new life with Jeanne when he figures out he is in love with her.

Last Tango in Paris is one of those films you either love or hate and it seems there a few more that love it than hate it. To me it was a rambling story of people who are not sure what they want and are trying desperately to create a secret place both physically and emotionally.

Video for Last Tango is in the usual grainy look of 1970’s films that have not been tampered to retain the feeling of the film, at least according to some. Colors are good for the most part but a few times darks and shadow are too deep and hide instead of accentuate the moment.

The grain was fine but several times in the film shots were just off somehow, not centered but also not artistically done for a strange scene a few times. Audio was all over the place with voice at times clear and audible then other times I had to rewind to hear what they were saying just to make out if it was something I was meant to understand.

Much of the film is subtitles as they speak both French and English when set on the DTS-HD Master Audio English version but it is also in mono. There is no surround and for good reason as there are really no scenes that it would do any good, half the movie is shot indoors and the rest would only be adding more sound to an already full sound stage.

The audio was difficult to deal with including the subtitles as I prefer to have either one or the other, not both. Enjoyment didn’t enter the picture as the plot was so rambling I was pretty much disappointed from the start and only watched for two reasons.

Of course I had to watch the film for the review but I also wanted to see what all the fuss is about but this classic film was not that good in my opinion. Last Tango in Paris was a disappointment but for those classic fans who somehow lost their DVD the Blu-ray edition may be worthwhile.

The Blu-ray release is probably not much better than the DVD and with no extras at all, not even a main menu, the Blu-ray edition is definitely only worth a rental in my opinion. Last Tango in Paris on Blu-ray is a new release but seems to have been left to its own devices as they only reworked the film and did not do anything extra for the Blu-ray release.

If you already have Last Tango in Paris then buying the Blu-ray will not improve your entertainment experience but if you have never seen it rent it first.