Conduit 2 Wii

Conduit 2 exclusively for the Wii is a first person shooter developed by High Voltage Software and published by Sega that works pretty well but like many shooters on the Wii aiming can be problematic.

Graphics & Audio: 23/25,
Gameplay: 21/25, 
Creativity 18/25,
Fun 21/25 

Total: 83/100

Conduit 2 Wii

Conduit 2 continues the same storyline of the original The Conduit with Michael Ford chasing John Adams through conduits created from alien technology. John is simply power hungry while Michael is the good guy out to stop him however he can for an uncomplicated plot line.   

With a simple plot you have a less complicated time trying to understand any convoluted twists in the games story which is the way I like my games. I often find that a complicated story leads to more confusing gameplay , Conduit 2 is pretty cut and dried  so this game started pretty well.

Conduit 2 uses a lot of that alien technology to jump you around to some unique locations that High Voltage makes truly spectacular using the Wii exclusive gaming engine it designed. The first complaint I have about Conduit 2 is the Wii exclusive aiming where you have to point the gun at the side of the screen to turn your character.

This is probably the most annoying part of any of the first person shooters on the Wii and Conduit 2 is a great game otherwise with a good enough story and great gameplay. You don’t have any confusing plot to get in the way of the shooter portion of the game, it simply puts bad things in front of you and you have to get them before they get you.

Which at times can be quite frustrating when the things in front of you are ankle biters instead of respectable sized targets, er, enemies. The AI is pretty good with enemies dodging like you would expect but the single player campaign is a bit short at about five or six hours of gameplay.

The game includes a multiplayer campaign that is a bit better than the single player, you get the general multiplayer games like death match and the now common enemy waves type modes. Multiplayer gives you the feeling, just like the single player that you are covering some of the same ground but good enough to make the game fun.

The second problem I found in the game is that feeling of been there done that before but this is so common nowadays, too many games feel familiar that many do not stand out much. This game takes customization to the limit which does make it stand out in the Wii gaming area with so many games not being able to change a single button.

You can use the Wii nunchuk and motion controller or the classic controller much like other console systems which is the better way to play Conduit 2. Once you get the right controller you can even map the buttons to your liking and play just like the other consoles with the regular controller.

Once you get used to controller issues or just use the classic controller you can play the game pretty much like other console games and this one on the Wii actually looks very good. The graphics and effects are well designed and when the game engine has been designed for the system the game works better and looks better.

The audio is not the best and could have been better but overall the game plays well and works just fine, the audio is a letdown in surround use and overall quality but it works. The effects can be a little cheesy and voice acting is also a bit cheesy but the game worked and did include a bit of humor in the voice acting.

Conduit 2 may not be your typical first person shooter and for the Wii this is all but convincing for a purchase recommendation as this one does stand out a bit for its control customization ability. Conduit 2 is probably one of the best overall first person shooter games I have played on the wii just from the simple fact of controller choice.

Multiplayer gaming may not be a new type with all kinds of exciting new features but it is a solid and fun experience for the now common multiplayer game modes. Conduit 2 for the Wii is well worth checking out for anyone interested in Wii first person shooters and is available now from Sega.

Conduit 2 @ Sega