Colin & Brad : Two Man Group Live And Dangerous Comedy DVD

Colin Mochrie and Brad Sherwood tear up the stage in this standup routine with tones of Whose Line Is It Anyway? using audience participation and improv comedy.

Film making 18/25
Video 18/25
Audio 18/25
Bonus Features 10/25
Total 64/100

Colin & Brad Two Man Group

While watching the show two things kept leaping to mind, how dumb is this and don’t let it stop, while the scenes are at times just darn silly it is still funny. Many of the skits are using either suggestions from the audience or audience members on stage and in the audience.

Colin Mocherie and Brad Sherwood are two comedians who starred on the show Whose Line Is It Anyway? along with stars like Drew Carey and Wayne Brady. Colin and Brad have continued their improv routine on stage and on the road for an hour long stage act now presented on DVD.

The show is very much like Whose Line Is It Anyway? using the same skit types that more often than not worked very well with audiences being the main source of topics and on stage help. Colin and Brad have an upbeat and energetic performance and the improve nature of the show makes it worthwhile and funny.

Two Man Group the audience to its fullest potential as a sounding stage to the shows improvisational standup routine that works well just like Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Colin & Brad use the audience for both suggestions and topics as well as props and fellow comedians to help get a laugh that mostly works well.

A few times things were merely mediocre and the mouse trap bit at the end was not an uproariously funny bit but mostly Two Man Group does get a good laugh. I think the two comics relied too heavily on the audience and their participation and did not do as much as they could have.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about Whose Line Is It Anyway? was the four high caliber comics and the talent they brought to the stage first and foremost. Using the audience did prove to be improvisational but the comics in their own right made the show and Colin & Brad just don’t do anything on their own that is outstandingly funny.

One sketch with them lying on the stage and filmed from above is just a waste of talent and they could have filled this with something much better. The mouse trap bit at the end was sort of funny in that Tom and Jerry way but in the end it was two guys on stage avoiding set mouse traps while blindfolded.

Colin & Brad Two Man Group was a great show with its high and low points and for a DVD both video and audio were decent enough to not take away from the comedy. Bonus content is a couple of features with both Colin and Brad doing the Do’s and Don’t’s of Improv and a question and answer interview that both take with the same seriousness as their routine.

Colin & Brad Two Man Group is a hit and miss comedy DVD that takes its cues from Whose Line Is It Anyway? but leaves out the comedy prowess of the comedians and relies too heavily on the audience improvisation. Two Man Group is well worth a rental or purchase if you enjoy either comedian or their improv work.