Burn Notice Season 4 DVD

Burn Notice Season 4 sees ex-spy Michael Weston continue to get back into his old job and old life by uncovering who burned him and why.

Film making 21/25
Video 22/25
Audio 22/25
Bonus Features 18/25
Total 83/100

Burn Notice Season 4 DVD

Michael Weston is a spy, ex spy that is, he was burned or taken out of the business because someone wanted him to do something else. When a major ring of international undercover spies wants you for their own you have a hard time turning them down but Michael does just that.

Michael Weston played by Jeffrey Donovan was burned in season one or dismissed by the American spy agency he worked for, the CIA. He worked to find out who burned him as well as picking up some side jobs to help others who were in various kinds of trouble.

His old buddy from the Navy Seals, Sam Axe played by Bruce Campbell, Fiona Glenanne played by Gabrielle Anwar who is an old lover and explosives expert, Michaels brother Nate and even his own mother Madeline help with his odd jobs. Gang problems, scam artists and local thugs are the common problems Michael has to find unique and different solutions to as well as uncover why he was burned.

Season four of Burn Notice has Michael and his friends trying to find out more about the group that burned him and to also help out Jesse Porter. Jesse is the spy who Michael accidentally burned while trying to find out more about who burned him, kind of an odd turn of events for Michael.

Jesse may be mad at Michael but eventually he finds that Michael really is out to help others even if he is not directly working for an agency or the government. By the end of the season Michael is back in but where does this leave the show, only a fresh start of the next season will tell.

Burn Notice is the kind of show that you can love for the great humor, reckless explosions and the general good guy helping the little guy who is in more trouble than they can handle. With friends like an ex-navy Seal and IRA bomber Michael has plenty of expert help and with direction from his mother Madeline, Sharon Gless, he has plenty of moral leadership.

Season 4 is more of a wrap up of the previous four seasons and the series long plot of who burned Michael and why but we really don’t care as much about that. Really the who and why are not nearly as important as what is to come as we want to see more of this show and its great characters.

My only question is what’s to come, I personally think the CIA is going to assign Michael to duty at home to continue helping the little guys get justice Weston style. Burn Notice Season 4 contains all 18 episodes with very good video and audio for an excellent series on DVD.

Video is shot mostly in Miami and other parts of Florida which make for some great scenery, along with those lovely locals who are in so many cut scenes. Color looks great and unlike its closest companion series White Collar they don’t seem to use very many green screen shots.

Audio is also very well done and about on a par with what you expect from a DVD and series with well-done 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound for good sound effects and clear voice. I really have no complaints about the video and audio other than it is not the better quality you would get from a Blu-ray disc.

Bonus content contains enough making of features and other fun stuff to make the series a good purchase but the extras could have been elaborated on a bit more. The stunts and Sam Axe extras are nice and the cross series roasts between White Collar and Burn Notice are fun but a few more making of features would have been nice.

Burn Notice season four has a series on TV now past its growing pains stage and into its making a place for itself in TV shows where it now needs compete against the big time series. If the writers continue to come up with good individual episode stories and a good series long theme as they have in the past the show is destined for more seasons of fun and explosions Weston style.

Burn Notice Season four is a great addition to any drama and action collection and a great series in its own right, check out Burn Notice and rejoice with the news that Season 5 and 6 are in the works and coming soon.

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