Boondock Saints Blu-ray 10th Anniversary Edition

The Boondock Saints is now being released as a new Blu-ray release with an all new look at the film from the main participants but with the same transfer and most of the extras from the previous Blu-ray release.

Film making 18/25
Video 18/25
Audio 20/25
Bonus Features 16/25
Total 72/100

The Boondock Saints

The Boondock Saints may be a critic’s disappointment for the majority of the supposed big time reviewers but many, myself included liked the film a lot. I especially like the humor involved with many aspects including an FBI agent that is you’re not so typical homosexual.

The Boondock Saints stars Sean Patrick Flannery and Norman Reedus, the McManus brothers who are out for justice in the lord’s name. Two street thug Russian mobsters try to close their favorite pub early; the owner is retiring because the Russian mob keeps taking money from his bar. 

The bar’s usual patrons are having a few last rounds to celebrate the bar’s closing and honor their friend and bar owner when the two thugs insist on closing the bar earlier than usual. When the McManus brothers, Connor and Murphy give the two thugs a few lumps and then head home for some rest the two thugs give them a few lumps of their own.

Instead of teaching the brother’s a lesson they are going to kill them, first they handcuff one to a toilet and take the other to the alley to shoot him. The toilet becomes the proverbial anvil dropper onto the head of one mobster while the other gets a McManus on his.

The McManus brothers kill the mobsters and after police investigate and Agent Paul Smecker of the FBI clarifies the case of self-defense the brothers decide to turn themselves in. The local news and police see them as heroes and let them go after spending a night in jail to get the news hounds off the brothers.

The brothers have a Russian mobster friend, a low level runner who is assigned to a hit by his bosses but it is a setup that the brothers unwittingly stop. During their night in a holding cell the brothers see the incident with the first mobster’s s a sign that they are destined to rid the city of thugs and bad people.

They find out about a meeting at a motel of high ranking mobsters who are supposed to be killing Rocco, the friend of the McManus brothers. Rocco is given a five shot pistol but the hotel has nine bosses and underbosses, far too many for Rocco to kill easily.

The brothers after killing all the mobsters answer the door to find their friend Rocco in disguise as a waiter and have some fun with him. They pull their masks down and rough him up a little and then discuss the incident, figuring out that Rocco was supposed to die.

When the brothers talk about the hit on Rocco they vow to get the rest of the mobsters and Rocco knows all their hideouts and habits. The three go on a killing spree that Agent Smecker finally figures out is not a mob war but the two boys on a vengeance spree.

The mobsters have a legendary hit man freed from jail to go after whoever is killing their family and the boys finally learn near the end of the film that the assassin is their father. The film ends with Agents and police helping the brothers and father enter a courthouse where a top mafia boss is being tried but the trial is definitely going his way.

The three vigilantes hold the court hostage for the time it takes to give a warning to the public that they are the final say in justice when the courts cannot do what they are supposed to. The Boondock Saints is everything you want to see in a film that never happens in real life, the real bad guys get their dues and the good guys get help to go free.

I enjoyed the first film of this set and this Blu-ray edition looks about the same as the previous 2009 release on Blu-ray. The video and audio are very good with both well done transfer to Blu-ray and well done surround sound, I had very little complaints about the prior release and this one seems to be the same video and audio.

The extras are close to the same with one omission from the previous release which was only a script copy while the new release has the addition of a new extra. The audio commentary and couple of making of features along with the new look back by the three main actors and producer is well worth a look.

The Boondock Saints: The Truth and Justice 10th Anniversary edition is a worthy action crime drama with over the top violence and great acting. If you do not have the prior Blu-ray release the 10th Anniversary edition is a great purchase and a fun action film.

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