When The Littlest Angel rebels against his headmaster angel and returns to earth to find his favorite treasures he left on earth he finds more than he bargained for.

Film making 22/25
Video 23/25
Audio 23/25
Bonus Features 5/25
Total 73/100

The Littlest Angel DVD

Based on the classic children’s story from 1946 written by Charles Tazewell The Littlest Angel follows the exploits of the Littlest Angel and his new companion Halo, the dog. The Littlest Angel on DVD is an animated CGI film of the classic children’s story that is quite kid friendly.

The film starts with a little introduction into the new home of the Littlest Angel and how he is just measuring up to his responsibilities of being an angel and learning his trade. When he wants to return to earth to find his beloved treasures he hid near his village when he was a little boy his new found friend Halo the dog helps him out.

They both return to earth and Halo helps him with the ropes of being an angel on earth and hiding out among humans as well as trying to keep him out of trouble. The Littlest Angel meets a few unexpected characters when he is looking around for his village and unwittingly helps out some when he is trapped by a circus performer.

He first rescues Halo and then some performing animals before he is rescued by his headmaster and another angel but the fun doesn’t end there. The Littlest Angel winds up figuring out a way for all four to escape the humans who are not supposed to see their angel’s wings. 

After returning to heaven in time for the biggest celebration that god is throwing the Littlest Angel is again faced with uncertainty. God’s son is arriving in Heaven and everyone is gathering for a celebration and presents in his honor but the Littlest Angel has nothing but his box of treasures.

He has a rock from a river he liked to swim in, string from his favorites kite and the body of a dead butterfly he found as well as the collar from his dog on earth. While he thinks these are treasures he is worried that God’s son will only think they are junk after hearing this from the headmaster.

The Littlest Angel sets the box in with the rest of the presents but overhears headmaster talking about his so called treasures and how disappointed God will be with his gift. The Littlest Angel tries to retrieve his box before God’s son arrives but he is too late, the Lord opens the box and looks at the treasures.

The Little Angel explains why he was trying to remove the box from among all the presents but the Lord tells him he thinks they are the best gifts of all because they are the Littlest Angels favorite possessions. The film is a great telling of the popular children’s book and pretty good for an adult to watch but it may get a little long for the younger kids.

The film is targeted at children but this film runs at 83 minutes with a few parts that are a bit short on action so children under about ten may find some parts a bit less than attention getting. The film is good but may have been stretched out a bit to include most of the books high points which did make it a bit long.

I enjoyed watching this and even though I do remember seeing other films of the movie the story is still a good one and well worth watching. The film looks great and does a very good job of updating an older tale with the CGI animation, audio is also very well done with great voice acting with Ron Perlman as God.

Bonus content is very short and kind of odd, the Pure Michigan promo is nice but the Michigan part is an odd bit added to a making of feature. First you get a commercial from the great state of Michigan talking about their numerous lighthouses then they show how they made the movie in a Michigan studio.

Interspersed throughout the making of feature is couple more commercials for the state of Michigan voiced by Tim Allen of Tool Time fame. They made more of a commercial for the state and how great it was to make the movie in Michigan using their full studio and their only wet film processing lab.

That was the only extra content on the DVD release so there is not much in the way of bonus content for The Littlest Angel on DVD. I highly recommend checking out The Littlest Angel on DVD for this holiday season, it is a great new film of a classic children story.

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