Hoax for the Holidays DVD

Life for small town Casey is nothing but problems and solutions to all her family troubles seems to be just a miracle away or at least everyone else thinks it’s a miracle.

Hoax for the Holidays

Casey, played by Martha MacIsaac, is tired of her life and just wants to escape, her sister is in a coma and bills are piling up for her and her father. When she gets a coffee for her father who is selling Christmas trees in the neighboring parking lot while working at the Krowne Donut Shop she creates an uproar of biblical proportions.

A local kid throws a snowball at her and after better judgment prevails while holding the hot coffee she throws it against the wall instead of the local trouble maker. With a few seconds of up-close filming on her face as she does something to the wall the film continues with the miracle of what the coffee stain looks like.

Bob, the owner of the Krowne Donut Shop and business leader/tyrant of the community takes matters in his own hands by using the local phenomenon to rake in the dough. He even tells the young priest of the small town church to speak with Casey about her coming together with Bob and the church to make the most out of the supposed miracle.

Hoax for the Holidays is all about small town attitudes and the big problems that come with everyday life no matter where you live. Sure with their mother out of the picture and sister in a coma from an auto accident that Casey was also in things are a bit worse for her family.

Casey and her father have problems and in the face of them can smile and laugh as well as try their best to take care of each other. Business picks up both for the coffee shop and the tree lot next door with all the traffic through the parking lot and events finally seem to be looking up with her life.

Before the end of the film we see how Casey comes to grips with her problems and the things that are occurring in her life that she has no control over as well as the things she does. When the final moment comes for her to make a stand she does just that and thus ends the film that finally shows how people need to make the tough decisions even when they are the ones we don’t want.

Hoax for the Holidays uses the general low point in one family and a desperate act from someone that is at the end of her rope to show that we all have low points and need to reach out. While this may seem like a corny and cheesy line it is true for the most part and Hoax for the Holidays is well worth a look.

I received a screener DVD of the film so I cannot comment on video or audio other than the film is done well and everything looked and sounded just fine. There are no extra features on the screener copy and I do not know what will be included on the retail edition.

Hoax for the Holidays is one of those films that you watch while sitting around with friends or family during the holidays and be thankful for what you do have and not what you don’t. Hoax for the Holidays is a good film and if not worthy of a purchase at least rent it to watch this holiday season with friends or family.