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Touch: The Complete First Season DVD

Kiefer Sutherland moves on to his next series with a different character and story where the end of the journey is not always a sum of the places visited but more about the road traveled and the people on it.

Film making 3/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 1/5
Total 3/5 Stars


Kiefer Sutherland ends his work on 24 losing the tough fighter and moves on to a father who is in over his head only to discover that his son is wonderfully different. Kiefer Sutherland plays Martin Bohm, father of Jacob Bohm who is extremely emotionally disturbed and a real handful for Martin in Touch.

Jacob or Jake as he is called by his father has emotional problems and refuses to talk while being obsessed with numbers and sequences. Martins wife died in the September 11 attacks and Martin is having a hard time dealing with his son but the schools he places him in have just as hard a time.

Jake is kicked out of a special needs school yet again because he wanders off but Martin knows exactly where to find his wayward son at the top of a cell phone tower. Professor Arthur Teller played by Danny Glover in the first few episodes tells Martin the true nature of his son’s fascination with numbers when Martin looks for help.

Martin in desperation starts to understand the events happening around his son when a sequence of numbers results in helping the lives of numerous people. Each episode has two main stories of Martin trying to maintain custody of Jacob along with the string of events that help a variety of people.

Events occur in each episode that have a ripple effect and help people worldwide to solve individual problems in ways no one sees coming. A cell phone is at the heart of many of the events starting with one man trying to find the phone that has pictures of his deceased daughter.

Others find the phone and take a video or snapshot then send it on its way in one way or another thinking it is some sort of worldwide sharing. The phone uncovers friendships and reunites loved ones as well as saves lost people from mistakes they are about to make that will cost them their lives.

Touch has a unique blend of mystery and drama as well as genuine emotion but does keep the writer’s busy coming up with the plot. Each episode starts with people all over the world and ties them together by the slimmest bits of story but in the end they do come together in incredible ways.

The series looks promising and with a definite change for Kiefer Sutherland who now plays the concerned father who cannot fight like his previous role. The story is interesting and it looks as if the series is going to continue for at least another full season but with no word on how many episodes that will be.

Season one of Touch has 11 episodes in standard definition for the DVD release which looks great with good color and well done video but again this is a DVD with standard video. Audio is also well done with good surround sound and the Dolby Digital 5.1 track is clear for voice with good use of the sound field.

Audio has good use of surround but at times things are lower key but some of the action does come across well throughout the sound field. Audio and video are both good but not fantastic so you do have a pretty good series that is enjoyable in both story and presentation.

Touch on DVD comes with deleted scenes, a couple of promotional pieces and an extended scene for common DVD extras that are pretty short. The bonus content does not amount to much but for a DVD this is fairly typical so the extras do not amount to enough to go beyond the average.

Touch is an interesting series and does show promise as long as the writers can keep coming up with the intricate and involved plots of each episode to keep up viewers’ interest. Touch does add something different with a new type of drama without the usual action that viewers are used to.

Touch starring Kiefer Sutherland airs on Fox with a pretty good first season out on DVD which is well worth a purchase if you like the show and are aching for more.

Touch @ Fox