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The Lorax Blu-ray

Dr. Seuss has seen into the future with his tale of forests being cut down and pollution becoming a real problem in The Lorax which now is remade into a computer animated tale that everyone will love.

Film making 4/5
Video 4.5/5
Audio 5/5
Bonus Features 3/5
Total 4/5 Stars

Ted Wiggins played by Zac Efron is a 12 year old boy who will do anything to catch the attention of Audrey, played by Taylor Swift, a young girl who wants to see a real tree. The town they live in, Thneed-Ville, has no trees and is walled in so people cannot leave so Ted must go beyond the walls of their world to find what he seeks.

His granbdmother, played by Betty White, helps point Ted in the right direction by telling him to seek the Once-ler who is responsible for all the trees being cut down. Ted sets off on his single wheeled cycle to find the Once-ler but he needs to worry about the town’s mayor O’Hare trying to stop him.

O’Hare sells air and is also the largest manufacturer so when Ted sets off looking for trees O’Hare has a vested interest in keeping the people of Thneed-Ville in the dark. O’Hare knows that trees will clean up the air and with his market cornered on selling air he has to stop Ted from bringing a tree back to town.

The Once-Ler explains to Ted how he wanted to make money as a young man and found a product called a Thneed that was made from the Truffala trees. The trees have a protector in the Lorax, voiced by Danny DeVito, who tries to convince the Once-Ler not to cut down all the trees.

Ted finds out that O’Hare wants to keep the trees and the town the way they are because he is making a fortune on selling air to the people. Ted gets a seed of a tree and after fighting off O’Hare and his henchmen he plants it in the middle of town with Audrey and his grandmother’s help.

The film is based on the story of The Lorax by Dr. Seuss that was written back in 1971, a time when it wasn’t even cool to be interested in the environment. The book is a direct plea to kids to be environmentally conscious and the film really puts this message front and center with the all manufactured town of Thneed-Ville.

When Ted gets outside of town he sees the desolate land where the trees have been cut down and sludge filled rivers where the last wild animals, the fish, flounder. This dark and forbidding land is just the message we need to see to make everyone understand why we need to work at preserving nature.

The message is now clear after all these years and in many ways Dr. Seuss can be seen as a soothsayer of sorts in his messages of friendship and even cleaning up the environment. The Lorax is a great children’s story and regardless of other reviewers I think the 2012 film does an excellent job of bringing the message that Dr. Seuss wanted to current generations of children.

The film takes several aspects of the book to heart as well as adds some humor and laughter to keep things lively and interesting. The Lorax is a funny film for adults and kids will definitely enjoy it, my wife’s class of 2 to 4 year olds watched the film straight through and would not stop watching it.

They thoroughly enjoyed the movie and the three mini movies after they had their nap and wanted to watch all of them again but the day was nearly over for them. My wife said the kids really enjoyed the film and understood the main theme behind the film of watching out for the environment.

The Lorax is a great film and more than good enough for a purchase on Blu-ray, especially with its bonus features and great audio and video. Video is fantastic with gorgeous color and vivid scenery from the fully computer animated film and there were no major problems with the Blu-ray film.

The audio is also great and with its spectacular 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track you get all the speakers used from time to time to great advantage. The audio track gives you great range and surround sound but the many songs of the film really add to the entertainment value.

Bonus features include audio commentary, three mini movies and several extras amounting to about a half hour of included extras with the movie on the Blu-ray disc. The audio commentary is the usual ones on a Blu-ray film and the other extras are alright but the three mini movies are great and even though they are short add a lot of value to the Blu-ray edition.

The Lorax is well worth a purchase and the three mini movies add enough extras to the film to warrant a purchase instead of just a rental. I highly recommend The Lorax on Blu-ray as a great film for both kids and adults that will get all laughing along with poignant humor and important message from Dr. Seuss.

The Lorax Website