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The Glades: The Complete Second Season DVD

Matt Passmoore stars as Detective Jim Longworth, a recently transferred detective from Chicago that now works in the homicide department of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Palm Glades, Florida.

Film making 4/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 3/5

Total 4/5 Stars

The Glades Season 2

The Glades is a drama on the A&E Network starring Matt Passmoore as detective Jim Longworth who now works for the Florida Department of Law Enforcement in Palm Glades, Florida. When Jim worked in Chicago his boss thought he was sleeping with his wife and shot him in the butt so Jim got a good settlement and a new job.

Jim could have retired but he wanted to continue being a detective and help solve crimes so he moved to sunny Florida because he thought he would like the sunshine and improve his golf game. Jim joins the Florida law enforcement to continue solving murder’s and jumps into the fray by falling for a nurse named Callie Cargill played by Kiele Sanchez.

Callie has some trouble in her own past with her husband who is in jail and her son who just wants to be part of a normal family but Callie does not really want to get back with her husband. Jim and Callie hit it off right away in season 1 and season 2 brings more trouble and adventure in both their lives.

Callie is working toward becoming a doctor and even gets a part time job working as an assistant to the coroner so she gets to spend even more time with Jim. Jim spends his days solving the case of the episode/day and complicating his life with Callie, her son and others in numerous ways.

The Glades is a pretty good series, I started watching the first season on Netflix and wanted to review the second season because I enjoy the show that much. The murders Jim solves are pretty mundane cases of murder but with some new twists but what really makes the show good is the actors and the interaction between Jim and Callie.

Jim handles his cases seriously but the series does add a bit of humor and romance to each episode that really makes the show entertaining. Matt Passmoore is a likeable actor who really puts a good slant to his character that makes the show an entertaining and fun one.

The second season DVD of The Glades has 13 episodes with some decent extras on the four disc set that is standard DVD quality. He series looks very good and sounds great for a DVD set but it is just standard quality but with very good video and audio.

Video is clear with great color and good use of darks but the standard video of the DVD is not as good as Blu-ray so you do get a slightly lesser quality video. The picture is clear and often you have no problems at all but you also occasionally see that it is not perfect.

The audio is in 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound and sounds great with excellent use of the sound field, the series uses a lot of varied scenes that all sound great. I did not even notice any serious problems with either audio or video but several times was very pleased with the excellent audio and use of surround sound.

Audio and video are more than adequate and the DVD series for the second season is enjoyable for quality as well as the series in general. Extras on the DVD series are light but adequate as well with an extended episode, deleted scenes, a gag reel and a few fun extras.

The bonus content is good and about what we usually see but at least there are something extras here that are worth watching as well as the 13 episodes of the season. I really like The Glades and will continue to seek out future seasons of the show as well as get the first season for watching again in the future.

There is no higher praise I can give other than I am going to be keeping this series to watch over again because I like it that much. The Glades on the A & E Network is well worth watching and the second season is now available on DVD with the third season in full swing.

The Glades @ A&E