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Movie Review: Ruby Sparks DVD

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Calvin dreams about the perfect girl when he should be tackling his next hit novel but he can’t keep his thoughts on his work which leads to stranger happenings in his life.

Total 3/5 Stars

Ruby Sparks DVD

What a weird movie, but more to the point how is this going to end, Ruby Sparks stars Paul Dano and Zoe Kazan where love can actually be powerful enough to create life. When one hit wonder author Calvin Weir-Fields appears for book signings people are waiting with eager anticipation for his next creation.

He is in such a slump that he daydreams about meeting a girl and starts to write down his fantasy woman on paper but little does he know that he is creating a monster, sort of. The monster is the everyday life and idiosyncrasies that people have and we get to see how everything about a person is not all roses and sunshine.

Calvin starts his creation as the loving and highly charged girl Ruby Sparks but after waking one day and rushing to the door he meets her in the flesh. Time passes with his unbelievable creation living with him and he finds he just has to tell his brother about what has happened.

Calvin’s brother Harry does not believe what he is saying until he proves it by writing that she suddenly speaks French and she does. Harry is amazed and tells Calvin to just go with it and for a time he does but soon those little nagging things start to get the better of Calvin.

Calvin and Ruby have a fight and she decides to spend a little time apart but Calvin is miserable without her so he writes that she is miserable without. She jumps back into his life and those little things start to escalate into big problems when Calvin tries to continue writing things to change her for the better.

Finally Calvin explains what is going on to Ruby when she is caught about to take a swim with a man she meets at a party and Calvin is upset with her. They have a big fight and Calvin shows her how is able to control her with his writing and she literally freaks but he finally lets her go in the end.

While this is a similar film and story to Stranger than Fiction it is also not as good just like that film was, serious comedy aside the film plods along at times. While Ruby Sparks does hint at darker possibilities of controlling a person from thought it also begs the question of the happily ever after scheme so many romantic plots are stuffed with.

Calvin lets Ruby go only to find her and we assume they fall in love all over again the more normal way because Calvin refuses to write about her again. It’s this happily ever after plot that so many films stick to and refuses to take a risk to not end with the typical happily ever after.

Ruby Sparks is an alright movie, one of those rentals when the movie you were really going after is not available but not really worth a purchase for repeated viewings. The acting is pretty good but nothing really Academy Award worthy and the direction the movie took is just not really imaginative or different.

I was a bit disappointed in Ruby Sparks and even my wife commented that it was alright but not really as good as she had heard. I did not receive a regular DVD or Blu-ray of the film but the screener copy so I cannot comment on video or audio quality and bonus content.

Ruby Sparks makes a decent enough rental and is good for those romantic trying to get the wife back on her good side but not really worth a purchase.

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