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Follow the exploits of Sam and Suzy as they escape their daily lives and run off together but on an island without connection to the main land they can only run away so far.

Film making 2.5/5

Video 4/5

Audio 4/5

Bonus Features 1/5

Total 2/5 Stars

Moonrise Kingdom Blu-ray

Moonrise Kingdom takes place on an island where the inhabitants like all of society are unhappy with portions of their lives but two adolescents run away to change this. Moonrise Kingdom has a few of big stars including Bruce Willis and Bill Murray but the over bearing nature of the film and its general story make the film a big bore for me.

Sam and Suzy are tired of the way their lives are going and after falling in love plan to run away together but only to the other side of the island. The islanders come out in force to find the kids and even though they do escape to the mainland they are retrieved and live happily ever after in that idyllic fairy tale ending.

To give you an idea of how downright weird the film is a scout master decides to marry the kids when he sees how much in love they are but he tells them that the ceremony is only a symbol and not real. While this could be taken as a comedic element the film treats it as a natural course of events and the general tone just makes it seem so out of place.

Likewise the plot itself is strewn with side trips and moments of comedy but more often than not the plot, acting and general character of the film is so mixed up its not entertaining. Two kids trying to run away on a secluded island is not the start to a good story other than a comedy but this film seems to take itself too seriously too often.

Moonrise Kingdom takes violence to a new height when the Khaki troop members are deputized by the islands police officer Bruce Willis and sent after the runaway kids. When they find Sam and Suzy the kids fight unseen off camera and wind up with a dead dog and one Khaki scout with a scissor wound bad enough to need a hospital.

It’s this forced oddity in too many scenes that make the film rather weird and offbeat with a true need to enjoy the style in order to enjoy the film. It’s one of those either you’re going to like it or you’re going to hate it because it doesn’t make sense and I just don’t get it all that much.

Moonrise Kingdom is brought to us by Wes Anderson who is “famous” for his other eclectic films The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore. I did watch The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou and this film more closely resembles that mixed up mess than better films but I really have not liked any Wes Anderson movies.

Moonrise Kingdom on Blu-ray comes at us with some very stylistic filming made to look like it was filmed in the time period of the 1960’s. The film looks very good and has a slight grain with a slight yellow cast to more closely resemble that older filming which does look pretty good.

Video is alright and even with the style of filming it does look pretty good for an overall great looking movie with a few problems here and there due to that same filming style. One night scene between Island Police Officer Captain Sharp and Suzy’s mom at night looks pretty sad but a few other scenes are also not exactly top quality.

Audio is great with a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 sound track that has great use of side speakers with mostly voice and smaller sound effects of the island life. The sound field is put to great use with voices and sounds traveling easily between speakers when appropriate for a good use of full surround.

Bonus content on the Blu-ray edition is almost nonexistent with three features that are only a few minutes each but the case does extoll the extras of Ultraviolet, Digital Copy and Watch it Anytime Anywhere. Highlighting the cloud storage, being able to watch the movie on any device and a digital copy are testament to the fact that there really are no extras worthwhile.

Moonrise Kingdom is sure to be a hit at awards shows soon but the movie is really weird and one you should really rent before dedicating your cold hard cash. I really did not like Moonrise Kingdom and think it is just too nonsensical and silly to be taken as seriously as many others have.

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