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Modern Family: The Complete Third Season Blu-ray

The Modern Family cast continues to use their family friendly comedy with just the right touch of drama and seriousness that creates an enjoyable and somewhat realistic show that is highly entertaining.

Film making 4/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 3/5
Total 4/5 Stars

Modern Family Season 3

Reviewing Modern Family: The Complete Third Season is an exercise in trying to state the obvious but without the words to explain it. A look at TV Guides top TV shows of all time have about five of the top 10 as shows that are comedies without very world shattering plots.

Shows like I Love Lucy and All In The Family made an impact not because of intricate plots but good writing and excellent acting were at the heart of each show. Modern Family is no exception with an excellent and well written script leading actors that are naturals at their profession for an overall excellent show.

Modern Family strolls into its third season and continues to delight viewers with their everyday routine of the three families and their very different makeups. Jay Pritchett played by Ed O’Neill is the father figure and is married to a much younger Gloria played by Sofia Vergara.

Jay’s daughter Claire is married to Phil and they have three children who are the most different kids you could imagine but the two girls do come together as they both hit high school. Jay’s son is living with his boyfriend Cameron and they both have adopted a little girl and in this season are exploring a new adoption to round out their family.

Modern Family takes the everyday events of this eclectic group poking fun at the events that are either everything real families go through or are just what we imagine they would. Hit series in the past have used this low key approach to television and pulled off a great and entertaining show due to the familiarity to our own situations.

The show continues to draw viewers and unlike many other popular series has increased in viewers since the pilot episode in 2009. Modern Family season three does not really have any game changing events or major shakeups in the cast or plot but they do introduce events that you would expect.

The kids continue to grow up but you do have some season long stories like Claire running for town council and Mitchel and Cameron trying to adopt another child. The writers have done an excellent job of intertwining the episodes plot in each episode between the three families making each event an important part of the whole extended family.

All the episodes are great and only a few slowdown in both pace and laugh counts but the show really is worth watching and owning to return to again and again. The entire series is well worth watching from the beginning with timeless jokes and situations that make you laugh.

Modern Family comes out for season three in Blu-ray and DVD with the Blu-ray edition really looking and sounding great with the show being filmed in high definition. The series looks great but not perfect using vivid color with fantastic clarity that is nice to behold in a series.

Audio is also top notch with great use of front speaker for clear voice and a good amount of surround sound but with lower key noises like background effects. The sound stage is very good but the series does lack action scenes so the surround sound is a bit less used than you would like.

Bonus content on the three disc Blu-ray set includes about an hour of extras with a gag reel and several features that are well worth watching. The bonus content is more fun and less serious behind the scenes fair so the extras are very much in line with the shows comedy roots.

Modern Family is one of those shows that is not the normal humdrum comedy and does not use slapstick or other comedy staples to get a laugh. The Modern Family Complete Third Season does have all 24 episodes with enough extras to round out the Blu-ray edition and make it a must have comedy series.

Modern Family @ ABC