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Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth are back not only on the case but also together with Dr. Brennan giving birth to Agent Booth’s daughter in the latest season of Bones.

Film making 5/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 4/5
Total 4/5 Stars

Bones Season 7

Emily Deschanel stars as forensic anthropologist Temperance Brennan with David Boreanaz as FBI Agent Seeley Booth in the seventh season of Bones. Season seven brings a single longer plot along with the episode specific murder of the day in 13 episodes for a great series.

Season Seven is a bit shorter in only 13 episodes to accommodate the real life pregnancy and birth of actor Emily Deschanel’s child midseason. The series is well past its beginning awkward getting its feet wet stage and has really established itself as a great series with plenty of awards to prove it.

Agent Booth and Dr. Brennan have a little more than a friendly relationship that has been developing since the very first episode and finally culminates in their having a baby together. If wedding bells are in the future we can only wait and see but we do get to see them find a home and eventually move in together.

They do find a home that both the richer than average Temperance and the down to earth Booth can both agree upon but it is not your usual home purchase. Other interactive events among the regular cast mainly concentrate around Temperance being accused of a crime and being setup by the season long adversary at the end of the season.

This is the only continuing theme but it only enters into a couple of episodes of season seven so there are more single episodes dealing with single crimes than season long themes. Dr. Brennan as usual leads the Jeffersonian forensic team to solve crimes that usually involve drippy gooey bodies that require removal of the flesh to solve the crime.

Bones is a great show mainly because of the interplay between characters and the crime of the moment with the more than usual messy body at center stage. The series is well worth a purchase and makes an entertaining show to return to from time to time even with season seven being the shorter episode count.

Season seven comes in Blu-ray high definition with some great video and a very well done transfer without many problems but an overall excellent looking show. The series is now filming in digital with the video and all episodes really looking that much better with sharp looking images.

Audio is also very good but not top notch with occasional problems like lack of bass throughout the episodes but overall a well done sound. The DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 surround sound worked out well with intentional detail for the surround and especially the gross sounds of dead bodies.

Bonus content on the Blu-ray edition is pretty good but not fantastic with deleted scenes, audio commentary and a making of feature for some episodes. Additional features that are pretty good include a look at the cast on the red carpet as well as a gag reel.

The bonus content is about what you would expect with enough to make it well worth looking at and returning to on occasion but not a top notch set of extras. Bones is a great show and really interesting even though there are holes the size of vehicles you can throw in the actual scientific facts on many cases.

Bones Season 7 is a bit lacking in episode count but it does make up for it in appeal and character interplay between the actors. I highly recommend checking out Bones and Season 7 does continue the fascinating series with a great episodic plot and a couple of episodes dealing with the same dastardly villain.

Bones @ Fox