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Body of Proof: The Complete Second Season

Dana Delaney stars as medical examiner Dr. Megan Hunt who solves crimes when bodies are thrown her way from murders and other mysterious deaths in Body of Proof on ABC.

Film making 3/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 4/5
Total 3.5/5 Stars

Body of Proof Season 2

One way I judge a series on whether to recommend it is whether I would continue to watch it and whether I would return for reruns and watch it all over again. A real test is whether I would buy the seasons of a series I don’t have to make sure I get the whole series which I am now on the lookout for a used copy of the first season which I don’t have.

When I sell off my Blu-ray movies and series at a local video store I look for seasons of shows I missed out on and Body of Proof is on my short list of shows I am on the hunt for. Dana Delaney stars as Dr. Helen Hunt who now spends her time as a medical examiner solving murders after years in the lime light of medicine as a neurosurgeon.

After killing a patient in surgery she is now relegated to the other end of the spectrum dealing with dead people who die under suspicious circumstances. Body of Proof is yet another medical crime fighting drama that does spark interest in the medical examiner side of crime solving.

It also has an interesting aspect with Dr. Hunt being divorced with a daughter spending her time coping with being a working single parent. Dr. Hunts ex-husband is even intruding on her life by dating Dr. Hunt’s boss the chief medical examiner which adds an extra wrinkle to the show.

Really good acting from several of the key characters makes Body of Proof a great show but it does get a bit repetitive with the cases from time to time. Dana Delaney’s character oversteps her bounds and job a few times but that also makes it kind of a good show because it adds more drama and excitement.

Overarching story lines of season 2 follow well with the beginning pilot and first season where introductions to characters and the series main themes continue. Dr. Hunt investigates murders and other interesting cases while also balancing her family life with her daughter who by the second season is starting to bond with her mother.

An interesting plot to season 2 has Dr. Hunt’s ex is dating the chief medical examiner and the understandable anger Dr. Hunt first feels which eventually leads to acceptance. It’s almost as if you’re watching a person going through grief with denial, anger, bargaining, disbelief and finally acceptance.

Dr. Ethan Gross played by Geoffrey Arend and Dr. Curtis Brunfield played by Windell Middlebrooks are fellow examiners and have a unique camaraderie in the series to really make a fantastic addition to the show. They at times argue and bicker at their work but you can see the love of the work and genuine friendship among equals even behind the constant friendly fighting.

Other characters like detective Peter Dunlop played by Nicholas Bishop adds a bit of love interest to the story as you can easily see a romance budding between Dr. Hunt and the detective. Of course professionals would never have a romance with colleagues at work so the plot and characters are at constant odds with what audiences want and common sense.

Body of Proof Season 2 is a pretty safe show and does not really make any ground breaking stories or episodes but it is interesting and with good acting makes for good entertainment. I really enjoy the banter between several of the characters like the two fellow medical examiners of Dr. Gross and Dr. Brunfield but the show does have a great story from good writers.

Video and audio quality is very good with great video and really fantastic use of color especially inside the work areas with bright whites and gleaming stainless steel. Audio is also great with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound and just the right touch of rear speaker use with the action scenes.

Body of Proof: The Complete Second Season comes in a DVD set with all 20 episodes of the season along with bonus features and a new webisodic set of extras called Outbreak. The bonus content is really fully fleshed out with a bloopers reel, a look at the stunts and fashion as well as a more in depth look at one episode with the webisode extra.

One extra is all about the set and the areas for filming called Living Spaces while one piece tells how to burn down a house without burning down the set. Body of Proof is an interesting show that is just entertaining enough to make it a worthwhile purchase even with the overstepping of bounds that Dr. Hunt’s character does.

Body of Proof is a great show and well worth buying with the Complete Second Season an entertaining season and the extras really round out an entertaining series. I highly recommend Body of Proof: The Complete Second Season on DVD for a great series that is worth purchasing and watching over again.

Body of Proof @ ABC