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 Army Wives: Season Six Part One

Army Wives continues their sixth season with a release of the first half on DVD including 13 episodes and bonus features in a 3 disc pack.

Film making 3/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 1/5
Total 3/5 Stars

Army Wives Season 6

Lifetime Television has continued to bring Army Wives to fans for five seasons and with their sixth season release continues to be a top series for the network. The show has increased audience numbers, won numerous awards and a sure example of popularity is the rise in viewers over the seasons.

The half season release of a TV series again boggles me other than a simple money making scheme and I see no reason to get unless you are just that desperate to watch the series right now. Army Wives on DVD comes at us with their Sixth Season Part One release and I can see why people continue to watch the series.

Taking a step back one can also see that they hit just about every dramatic event for the wives of army soldiers in combat as well as those of married couples in general. I have watched the previous seasons and after about the third season I could see a pattern emerging to the events and topics that continued into this sixth season.

The TV series hits about all the popular and familiar topics including HIV, same sex marriages, loss of a loved one, fraternization( a military no-no) and much more.
Over the past seasons and the current half season I have just about seen it all and with this series they do hit it all and then some.

The series starts off with a stunner with the birth of twins and the mother telling the others that came to her aid that she is a surrogate mom to make ends meet for the family. The series continues to use well written plot and the backdrop of soldiers fighting in Afghanistan and elsewhere while their families try to cope with home and the Army way of life.

Army Wives stars Kim Delaney, Catherine Bell, Sally Pressman and Sterling K. Brown as four friends with spouses in active combat and leading troops getting ready to go into harm’s way. The series does a great job of showing the trials and tribulations both the soldiers and their spouses have in living with the Army and going into combat.

Army Wives does have excellent writing and with both the season six beginning theme of the army base closure in conjunction with a hurricane we do have a lively start. With the base closure eminent the friends find they are looking to a future without being able to enjoy their close friendship further but mothernature turns the tide on their future. 

After the base closure is changed the friends go through other more mundane events including some promotions and an HIV scare for one family. The writers may not come up with totally new topics but they do keep you on your toes and guessing what exactly is coming next.

Army Wives Season Six Part One is a DVD release and comes in standard definition with some very good video and audio which has been pretty common for series lately. Video is excellent with very good looking color and little grain to the film which does add to the war aspect of the series.

Audio is done in Dolby Digital 5.1 Surround Sound which is great and does make use of plenty of the sound field with many of the in war scenes. With the series showing more in war footage instead of only on bases and in civilian life the show does have a good variety to its filming and subject matter in these later seasons.

The Part One release contains the thirteen episodes of the first half of the season and includes two extra features of deleted scenes and a blooper reel. The deleted scenes were common clips not used in the final episodes while the bloopers are worthy additions to the extras.

While I personally would wait for the full season six release in its entirety if you just can’t wait Part one of Army Wives Season Six is available now on DVD.

Army Wives @ Lifetime