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Phenomenon Blu-ray

John Travolta stars as small town mechanic George Malley who suddenly astounds everyone in town with his new powers until his tumor that is giving him the genius level intelligence overcomes his health.

Film making 3.5/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4/5
Bonus Features 0/5
Total 3/5 Stars

Phenomenon Blu-ray

George Malley is your typical small town citizen who owns an auto repair shop, works hard and has a fun filled life but is suddenly catapulted beyond his middle class existence. George tends his garden, fixes peoples cars and buys the furniture a local woman is trying to sell at his shop just so she brings more to sell.

George is a typical small town person until his birthday where he walks outside the bar toward the end of the celebration only to see a light in the sky. George insists for the rest of the film it was not a UFO and aliens did not kidnap him but it was a miraculous event he did experience.

George from that moment has changed; he can win chess games when he hardly understood the rules the day before and books are mere page flips away from being devoured. George can read and fully understand what he reads as fast as he can turn the pages and soon he even turns pages without touching them.

George deciphers a code locked into a radio signal his best friend Nate, played by Forest Whitaker, listens to on a short wave radio and suddenly has the FBI at his home asking how he did it. He frightens town members when he breaks a mirror at the local bar just by shouting at it when several people are talking about him. 

George goes to Lace’s, played by Kyra Sedgwick, and says he feels an earthquake on the way and after dinner that evening finds him driving home the earthquake does rumble pictures off the walls and lamps to the floor. Lace falls for George and when George is taken away by the government to find out how he has these supernatural powers she finds herself harboring him in his final hours.

George is taken in by the FBI but doctors want to cut his head apart and find out why he has supernatural powers while he is alive but of course he doesn’t want to. The doctor explains that he is going to die anyway so having the chance to look inside his brain while he is alive would be invaluable to the medical community.

George escapes before they can put their plans into action and goes back home to give notes on his experiments to Lace and some to his best friend Nate about farming some land of his. George dies and Lace gives some notes to a scientist who had visited George earlier and invited him to Berkeley for some experiments and talks with other professors.

George was taken by the FBI before he could go to Berkeley and discuss with professors all about things he has discovered and figured out. Phenomenon is one of those feel good films that are part drama, part romance and part comedy with a few other genres thrown in for good measure.

John Travolta does an excellent job as the small town resident who suddenly finds himself in the role of smartest man on earth who is scared with what is happening to him. John Travolta and Forest Whitaker were nominated for a few awards for their excellent performances so the film was at least partially well received by critics and viewers.

I enjoyed the film a lot and even welled up with tears near the end so the film does have some punch all these years after seeing the film some time ago. Phenomenon is a great film and well worth watching again in high definition with very good audio and video but without any bonus content.

Video is crisp and clean for the most part but noise can be a problem from time to time which detracts some from enjoyment of the film but it does look great most of the time. Color is very good and grain makes the film look great for those small town scenes and except for the occasional noise the film does look great.

Audio is also great especially for those country scenes with noticeably appropriate sounds but lacks the punch for surround sound to elevate the rating for audio. The 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track does the film justice and you get to hear all the voices clearly but the film just lacks the content to make surround sound of much use.

There are no extra features or bonus content other than previews so there is nothing on the disc other than the film that is worth watching. Phenomenon is a great feel good movie and one that is worth pulling out from time to time to sit back, relax and enjoy a good movie.

John Travolta really does a great job in Phenomenon and with some other great performances this film really makes a worthy purchase instead of just a rental.