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Leverage: The 4th Season DVD

Leverage returns for its fourth season with the group of simple criminals restoring faith that good people are still out there helping those that need it even if they are the poor or powerless.

Film making 5/5
Video 4/5
Audio 4.5/5
Bonus Features 2/5
Total 4/5 Stars

Leverage: The 4th Season DVD

Its season 4 and love is in the air with Leverage and its key players of Nate, Sophie, Elliot, Hardison and Parker who help provide leverage for those that are cheated. When the rich or powerful take advantage of the poor and helpless bad guys are the best ones to ask for help, well these bad guys.

Nathan Ford, played by Timothy Hutton, is an ex insurance investigator for a big insurance agency that failed to cover his own sons medical bills when diagnosed with leukemia. The insurance company did not want to cover the treatment as they claimed it was experimental so Nate’s son dies and Nate blames the insurance company but especially the president.

Now Nate has teamed up with a group of criminals who have gone good; Sophie the grafter, Elliot the hitter, Parker the thief and Hardison the hacker. The team goes around the world getting even for the little guy or the oppressed, modern day Robin Hoods if there ever were any.

Each season has brought a main antagonist but this season sees more of the general episode to episode exploits with an overlying hint of a bigger bad guy. The episodes are very good with general stories of a bad guy or big corporation stealing but within the system most of the time and the little people getting the short end of things.

Nate and his crew help to right the wrongs but there is also a bigger story here with little clues thrown in from time to time. Bugs in their apartments and people showing up with cryptic messages give a hint of things to come until the final episode that gives Nate an even bigger, okay just as much of a reason to fight as his son dying. Enough hints at that but Season 4 does a great job of showing the Leverage team fighting injustice and helping the little people get what they deserve. The main draw for season 4, thankfully, is the writers upping the ante on the teams personal relationships and getting to know the characters even more.

Once a series hits about the third and fourth season the show really needs to dive deeper into the characters and give a reason to come back again and again. Leverage does this in spades with two couples delving into their feelings for each other and even the one left out helping all four with a little romance.

Leverage does the Robin Hood act to a tee but it also does a great job of showing how we all want to see the everyday people get even when they get cheated by a system that looks out for the rich and powerful. Leverage Season 4 gives the series a fresh start just when it looked to be hitting a low point in the shows forward momentum.

The DVD release of season 4 is your usual great quality but standard DVD with some really good looking episodes overall but a few times effects can be lacking in overall quality. The DVD release looks and sounds great but a few times larger effects like explosions may be more computer aided than actual stuff blowing up but this was the only time I was disappointed during viewing.

Audio quality is also top notch with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound from the four discs of Season 4 and all sound just fantastic. Voice is clear and effects sound great with very good use of surround sound but not quite as good as I have heard from other DVD releases.

Bonus content on the DVD set is also a bit light but this s pretty common with DVD’s, the extras amount to just enough to whet your appetite but not enough to shout about. Extras are just not funny enough nor long enough but the gag reel is worth catching so there is at least one extra worth the disc space.

Leverage Season 4 does have the 18 episodes on the DVD release for a full season of fun starring Timothy Hutton and the rest of the Leverage gang. I highly recommend buying Leverage Season 4 along with the rest of the seasons for a great series that combines action and humor along with an occasional romantic romp.

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