Mythbusters Season 6 DVD

Exploring urban legends, finding the truth behind movie stunts, testing the validity of YouTube Videos and general science experiments taken to real world testing are what the Mythbusters are all about.

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Mythbusters Season 6

Season Six of Mythbusters brings the team of Jamie Hyneman, Adam Savage, Tory Belleci, Kari Byron and Grant Imahara back for a full 30 episodes of scientific discovery. Mythbusters answers rumors, urban legends, YouTube videos and viewer suggestions using the scientific method to see if they are confirmed, plausible or busted.

Mythbusters has been around the Discovery channel for six seasons of testing science and bringing it to the real world with tests to prove or disprove their topic. In season six they have several revisits where the crew takes on previous myths to check out complaints and questions about how they did things previously.

Other episodes take to the road heading north to Alaska to answer questions about moose collisions, car versus snow plow and other cold weather questions. A couple of episodes take on YouTube videos and test whether things you see on video are real or made up for the website hits possible.

Several episodes take on common sayings or beliefs brought on by viewers and general Urban Legends are reviewed for their plausibility. Many episodes involve the favored explosions and general destruction that the Mythbusters are famous for and love.

I really enjoy Mythbusters and think it should be required viewing in school, it is that interesting but more important it is real science taken to logical ends. They use the scientific method of repeatable experiments to get results that are measurable to show their results.

The show takes great pains to not only get repeatable results but to stay safe and show that they are taking precautions to keep not only their cast and crew but others safe in their myth busting. Another thing I like is they say very often that you should not try this at home as they do things safely, with experts who are trained in safety and using proper equipment.

I have viewed many videos on YouTube and elsewhere on the internet with people doing reckless and often highly dangerous things that are just not safe. Mythbusters does not do these types of things such as explosions and flammable type experiments without proper safety and experts like FBI and police for their knowledgeable help.

I think this is one of the most important parts of the show, they show the experiments with proper distance from dangerous situations, shields of bullet proof glass and other safety gear when needed. Ear protection, eye glasses and even doing things in proper steel enclosures outside their warehouse environment are some of the easily identifiable things they show the audience about safety.

Mythbusters does take things seriously and for the most part does things with proper safety procedures but a few times the experiments are ones that really have never been done before. In many of these cases they refer to experts to get their opinions on safety and how to perform experiments but when all is said and done the only thing you can do is try it and see what happens.

That’s exactly what the show is all about, trying things to see what happens and retrying them, when possible, to get results that are repeatable. Mythbusters does a great job of not only entertaining but in showing how science is an important part of our world and how you cannot always believe what you see such as videos on the internet.

I did have a few problems with an episode and topic here and there as a few times they do not do as good a job as I would have liked to see with safety. A couple of other times I was kind of disappointed in their topic choice such as testing the saying End with a Bang.

More often than not I was entertained while being intrigued by the testing and myths being visited and how they logically go about their testing. Mythbusters really does take myths, urban legends and popular questions dealing with science and our world to put them to the test.

Season 6 of Mythbusters has the cast viewing a great many myths, topics and legends while trying their hand to show us viewers what is the truth backed by science. I highly recommend Mythbusters season 6 as the continuation of the fantastic show that looks at science and blows the fact away from the fiction.

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