Wet Circuits Power Strip

Water is a danger to any electrical device and having a power strip in water or getting wet is a major concern for anyone’s safety but Wet Circuits can reduce that risk to an almost standstill with their new Wet Circuits Power Strip.

Ease of Use/Performance: 25/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 24/25
How much I enjoy 23/25 

Total: 96/100

Wet Circuits Power Strip

Wet Circuits is a new type of power strip that after seeing the insides impresses me even more, I tore into my review sample to see how it works but first what is it. Wet Circuits is a power strip from a company in Taiwan called Shohero Technologies that adds an extra measure of safety to your household or business.

The power strip is a simple design outside but inside is anything but, it uses an exact contact set to ensure only a power plug will activate each outlet. The Wet Circuits Power Strip has four outlets on it and a push button circuit breaker for that extra measure of safety that most power outlets have.

The power strip is a normal size for a four outlet strip that has a six foot long cord, more than long for most uses but about right for one in particular. I found an internet site that suggests using the power strip for greenhouses and having a loop in the cord can prevent water from dripping toward the outlet.

This power strip inside is quite special and one that I am very impressed with, the main wires are solid copper and soldered to the contact sets. This means no possible way the wires will break or come loose from their contacts because of loose screws or banging around.

Whats in the Box

The ground plugs are also solid copper wires soldered to each contact for the round or half round ground some power cords have for grounding safety. The inside of the power strip is nicely laid out and with the interior chambers and baffles surrounding each outlet I can see how water may have less of an effect on the wiring and a possible short circuit.

This power strip reminds me a lot of those well designed and well-made devices that costs more because they are so well made from quality parts. The contacts inside have spring loaded contacts that do not allow the circuit to complete if an odd shaped object is inserted instead of a plug prong.

Two sets of contacts for each plug prong ensure that the prongs have to all be in and fully seated before the outlet will give out power. The internal contacts need to have both prongs in the contacts on each side in order for the internal contacts to engage.

Whats Inside the Power Strip

This is a simple device in concept and was well designed and made but I am still not sure how the water safety works, I think I know but I am not sure enough to say positively. I think the simple baffles and how water would be diverted into the different sections instead of having everything open is how the device keeps from electrocuting or short circuits.

Wet Circuits is a power strip with a secret inside, one the company may not have wanted me to find but they gave it to me and I tore into the device to see what makes it tick. I am still uncertain as to how it works without short circuiting or electrocuting someone who is standing in the same puddle or even holding the power strip and pouring water on it.

I have seen several videos on line with people using the power strip while pouring water on it as well as a Crunch Gears video of the power strip getting dunked and stopping. I think Crunch Gears John Biggs makes a simple error in reasoning by using a GFCI outlet that stops working before the power strip does.

A GFCI outlet will trip and stop the flow of electricity when it senses changes in the flow of electricity from the hot wire to the neutral wire. I think the GFCI outlet in the Crunch Gear test triggered and stopped the power strip from working in the first place.

The Heart of Safety

The Wet Circuits Power Strip works, when water is poured on it or when it is dunked in a tub of water as evidenced by the numerous videos I have found they show it works after water is poured on it. Personally I will not try the same tests as I see from the numerous ones online that it works and works very well and I think that is all I need to endorse this product.

If you’re looking for a power strip for wet environments, green houses or around pools the Wet Circuits Power Strip is the perfect device for your needs. The Wet Circuits also has the safety of childproof functioning due to the unique dual prong safety using the correct sized prongs that are required for the outlet to energize.

The Wet Circuits Power Strip is a great innovation in power distribution but not one I am surprised at seeing, it works well due to very good design. I highly recommend the Wet Circuits Power Strip for a great power distribution and safety device that costs about $70.

I did find the Wet Circuits at a garden supply for $55 so hunting the internet for good prices is always a good idea, check out the Wet Circuits online and see for yourself from the numerous videos on YouTube.

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