Dr. Hess Udder Ointment products started as a cow udder ointment called Udder Ointment and after farmers noticed the effects on their own hands the product line took off.

Ease of Use/Performance: 21/25
Convenience/Storage 23/25
Appearance/Design 21/25
How much I enjoy 20/25

Total: 85/100

Dr. Hess Udder Ointment & Udder Sticks

Dr. Hess Udder Ointment was the first in the line of Udder products and was the beginning of the ointments and skin care products now available. Dr. Hess created an udder ointment and when working alongside businessman J.L Clark created the Hess & Clark farm remedies with Udder Ointment as their first product.

Dr. Hess Udder Ointment started out as a treatment for cow udders but has since been used by people for its healing and skin treatment properties. Dr. Hess now offers a complete line of skin care and lip balms with four skin care and four lip balm products.

I received the original Udder Ointment, Udder Ointment for Diabetic Skin Care, Baby Butts Udder Ointment and Bull Balm. I also received the four lip balms in mint, mango, pomegranate and original flavors to help prevent and heal chapped lips.

The four skin care products all have a specific type of use such as baby butts, diabetics and men while the original Udder Ointment is a more traditional product for general use. The men’s skin care called Bull Balm is a more masculine scent and is created to help soothe razor burn as well as other tougher skin dryness.

The Diabetic ointment includes ingredients to rehydrate severely dry skin that is a common problem for diabetes sufferers. The Baby Butts formula is a gentler recipe for those tender areas on an infant and has a more gentle smell like baby powder.

The original formula has a slight menthol scent and does really well at soothing dry and irritated skin as well as rehydrating and healing. All the formulas have the same basic formula with lanolin, petrolatum and beeswax along with the menthol and vitamin E to help heal skin.

The Udder Ointment and the three variations all do a great job of soothing dry skin and not leaving greasy residue behind, a common problem with some skin care products. One of the main things I look for in a skin lotion for dry hands is not leaving me with greasy hands after applying.

After smoothing on any hand lotion I am often going back to work and that means mouse and keyboards, greasy fingers and computer peripherals do not mix. I need to have a lotion that absorbs without leaving a greasy residue and the Udder Ointment line does this well but not as good as I like.

The Udder lotion does leave just a hint of the petrolatum that it uses so using a bit of vigorous hand rubbing to get the lotion to absorb is required. I also did not get a perfect score from the experts I consulted with the Baby Butts formula of the Udder line.

I sent the tube of Baby Butts to the day care my wife works at and not to my surprise they welcomed the addition of another tube of the Udder Ointment. They were familiar with the ointment and have used it often, parents are encouraged to bring in their choice of ointments and this one shows up repeatedly.

The baby room teachers commented on the Baby Butts nice and creamy texture and how well it helps with dry skin but it does not seem to take away redness as quickly as Desitin or A&D Ointment. When the little tykes have redness or soreness in those under diaper areas they prefer to use Desitin or A&D Ointment which seems to work a little bit better and faster.

While the day care workers prefer the medicinal strength for redness and soreness the day to day use of a skin lotion for babies such as Udder Ointment is perfect. The main drawback of Baby Butts from Dr. Hess is the time it takes to work for the more painful soreness that baby’s experience.

Lips also need their skin lotion or protectant and using a lip balm from Dr. Hess makes the best use of a formula that started out protecting hands and has been altered for the more sensitive skin of our lips. The four formulas of Dr. Hess Lip Balm Udder Sticks makes for good lip balm that helps sooth dry lips as well as tastes good in three of the flavors.

You get your choice of the original formula but also have the great tasting Mint, Pomegranate and Mango for a different flavor. The four lip balms work well and have an SPF-15 skin protection with its two active ingredient sunscreens.

Dr. Hess has a good line of Udder Ointment formulas for a wide variety of special needs along with the general formula for a good line of skin lotions. The Dr. Hess Lip Balm line is also a great way to protect your lips form sunburn and other weather problems while outdoors as well as keeping them soft.

Dr. Hess works on dry, chapped and rough skin all over your body and even on babies and people with severe problems like eczema or diabetes. I highly recommend the Dr. Hess Udder Ointment line of products for a great way to keep skin and lips soft along with healing dry skin and other skin problems.

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