Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10vi Noise-Isolating Earphones

The Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10vi may be an expensive in ear monitor earphone set but they do perform so well that I do recommend them with much hesitation and a little prior earbud experience.

Ease of Use, Performance: 25/25
Look & Feel: 23/25
Features 24/25
How much I enjoy 24/25

Total: 96/100

Ultimate Ears TripleFi Noise-Isolating Earphones

The TripleFi 10vi is an in ear monitor set, calling them earbuds just does not work for me, released from Ultimate Ears which is a subdivision of Logitech. The headset, earphones, in ear monitors, whatever you want to call them listed at $399 but the cost has come down to about $300.

That is still pretty steep for a headset but the facts come before the conjecture and some possible complaints that I will address from both the viewpoint of the company and my own. The TripleFi 10vi is an in ear monitor earphone set which means the ends of the earbuds go into the ear canal.

The set has about half of the ear piece outside the ear but is held in place with both the silicone ear tips and the bendable loops. The wire for two inches of each ear piece is bendable and stays the shape you bend it when you place the ear pieces in your ears.

The headset package contains two foam sets and four silicone rubber sets to accommodate many sized ear canals but some have still found fit to be a problem. I think this is one of the two major complaints for the TripleFi that I could find on the internet, fit and the cables coming off the ear pieces.

Whats in the Box

The TripleFi set also comes with a nice assortment of adapters and extension cables and even a metal carry case which I expected due to the cost. The set contains the headset, an extender cable, cleaning tool, 1/4 inch adapter jack, the ear cushion assortment, sound level attenuator and the crush proof carry case.

The headset itself has a microphone and push button for use with a computer, smartphone or iPhone, the button can change the tracks of music, answer or end calls and pause or resume play of video. These functions only work for smartphones and players capable of the functions like most iPhones and Apple products but the microphone should work with any computers.

The 1/4 inch adapter is used for connecting the headset to a larger 1/4 inch connection for use with professional grade equipment and receivers. The sound level attenuator is to reduce outside noise while using the headset on an airplane to help get better sounding entertainment in flight or on other transportation.

Two complaints I found on the internet were the fit and the fact that the cable has come loose from either of the ear pieces and separating the wires from that ear piece. If regular earbuds are not comfortable or hold in your ears well the TripleFi may not be a good option for you, the tips may not be much different than other earbuds you have tried.

TripleFi Earpieces

For the other complaint I really do not see this as a problem unless you pull the ear pieces out of your ears from the cables, I have actually seen people in public do this. I can’t remember the movie or scene from television but I remember seeing this at least once where the person jerks the earbuds out of their ears by the cord.

These earbud type ear pieces are not meant to be abused and I am very careful to unplug the connection using the body of the plug and to remove any earbuds by pulling them out of my ears from the body of the earbuds. Often people don’t think much about pulling them out from the cables but with this set the price means a little extra care should be used to protect your investment.

I would hesitate to spend this kind of money on a set of earbuds or headphones even if they are better in quality for entertainment and listening enjoyment. The earbuds are a huge difference in sound quality than a twenty or thirty dollar set of earbuds and this makes the biggest difference.

The sound quality is going to be so much better than you could imagine, I really mean it, I was taken aback by the quality these small ear pieces deliver. Noise isolation is also great, I just had my son tap me on the shoulder which made me jump as I did not hear him at all over Pink singing from Australia.

TripleFi in their Case

Movies and surround sound are where this headset excels but gaming is also great so they work for an all-around headset both at home and on the go with a media player or smartphone. While stereo does have a lower quality than the surround I really do think the TripleFi excels more when connected to a surround sound source.

You get this whole head experience, it is a bit difficult to explain but you can actually hear the sound and position of the sound even for such small ear pieces. It is like you feel the sound instead of just hear it and it is a much better experience than stereo headsets.

With the noise isolating so you get no sounds from the outside world except the music or gaming, movie or whatever else your listening to. You don’t get the clock ticking in the background or the train rumbling in the distance with these headsets, you get pure sound from your source and almost nothing else.

The TripleFi headset has three drivers, actual speakers inside each ear piece which accounts for its surround sound capabilities. The two smaller drivers are for mid and low range while the larger, in comparison they are still small, are for the bass or low frequencies.

The size of these tiny drivers stuck inside the small ear piece makes for incredible rich sound whether its music, movies or gaming. The quality of the sound is astonishing and you get no ground shaking from the bass, only ear pounding bass that is clear and not cluttered with extras to make your desk rattle.

The TripleFi headset has the added features of the vi version with voice microphone and the button that works with smartphones and other devices depending on those devices. When I connected my computers sound card, an Auzentech X-Forte, I had to adjust a few settings to get the microphone working.

I used Skype to test the headset out with voice, I sounded just fine and used the headset for gaming voice some without complaints. The button used to change things like answer and end calls and change player settings does not work while connected to my computer but I did use it with my sons phone to answer a call and checked the other media settings.

The button for answering and changing things works as long as the device you’re using it with has the connection and ability to use this feature. I would have to say that all the features I used worked either just fine or as with the regular listening enjoyment rather exceptionally.

The TripleFi headset is a fantastic in ear monitor headset that works so very well I do recommend it but you have to be able to use other earbuds similar to these. If you have no problems with using earbuds than upgrading to the better performance and quality of the Ultimate Ears TripleFi may be in order.

You also need to use them with a little caution, the care you would use for expensive but a definitely worthwhile headset, these are after all professional quality. The TripleFi 10vi from Ultimate Ears is well worth a look and I think worth the price even though they are expensive, check them out at the Ultimate Ear website and Logitech.

TripleFi @ Ultimate Ears

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