Smelly Washer, Smelly Towel, Smelly Dishwasher & Disposal Cleaners

Smelly Washer, Towel and Dishwasher or Disposal Cleaners are all great environmentally friendly cleaners that work well even if I don’t know what’s in the ingredient list.

Convenience/Ease of Use: 23/25,
Environmentally Friendly: 25/25,
Value: 25/25, 
Just how good is it: 23/25 

Total: 96/100 

Smelly Washer

In a word it works, okay that was two but who’s counting, Smelly Washer products work and work well but don’t take my word for it. There are plenty of reviews and customer comments from sites like Amazon and even other review blogs and sites that praise the cleaner for its cleaning abilities.

Each of the three cleaners, Washer, Towel and Dishwasher & Disposal specialize in cleaning a specific device or laundry itself but all are similar in what they do. The actual ingredients in each cleaner is unknown except for the company claim that it is all natural, whatever that means.

One thing I am sure about the ingredients is there are no harsh chemical smells or feel when handling or checking out the powders before I added them for cleaning. Each of the powders has very little to no odor and I checked how they feel by squishing some between my fingers to check for any chemical reactions.

The white powder of each of the three cleaners looks like a granulated sugar and has very little smell to them, I actually could not tell if they smelled at all. The Washer Cleaner is a pure white granular power while the Towel Washer has a pink or red tint to some of the crystals in it.

The Dishwasher & Disposal Cleaner is a new product that is not out on their website yet but is coming soon, the Dishwasher & Disposal Cleaner has a yellow tint to some of it. The Dishwasher & Disposal Cleaner is the same formula as the other two but tweaked to work best in the dishwasher or disposal.

Smelly Cleaners

Each cleaner is very simple to use, a capful from the bottle will be the measurement and just toss each in the machine as you would a detergent. For the machine cleaners you can add them directly to the machine instead of the detergent drawer or cup but for the towel cleaner or for clothes you just use it like powdered detergent.

I have found that the Whirlpool HE machine I recently received works best with liquid detergents and additives so I toss any powders directly into the tub. The front load high efficiency washer works well but it does have a buildup of odor after only a few months.

Tips for keeping odors for these machines include using the appropriate amount of detergent and leaving the door propped open when not in use. No matter what prevention measures you take odors find their way into all clothes washers and dishwashers.

I have owned washing machines and dishwashers as well as the one disposal but I have always owned a clothes washer since my first home in military housing. Bad odors and funky smells from clothes washers has always been a concern and dumping borax or bleach just does not make me feel like things are getting clean.

Bleach may kill the germs but it also is a very toxic chemical and Borax is another on the usual household cleaner list that is a potentially toxic chemical. I have been trying to avoid chemicals due to my allergic reactions and finding more natural cleaners and detergents is one way to watch out for myself and my family.

All three cleaners are natural and even when crushing the crystals in between my fingers I do not get a cleaner or chemical feel from them. They are more like a sugar than anything else even if I know they are some sort of chemical cleaner.

All three cleaners work well, I have used the Washer and Towel Cleaner at home and took the Washer and Dishwasher & Disposal Cleaners to my mother in laws to treat her machines. All the cleaners do a great job of cleaning as far as looks, but the main odor removal is fantastic.

Odor is a hard thing to rate or quantify but when it comes to removing odor it is pretty easy to tell if something works or it does not. Smelly Washer products do the best at removing odor whether its small slightly odd smells or mildew to those bad smells of three day old clothes left in the washer.

I found that all the cleaners do a great job of neutralizing odors instead of just masking them with perfumes or chemical smells. Even using the Smelly Towel Cleaner the product removes odor, I tried it on week old used towels with their slightly funky smell but I added a twist.

I intentionally left a load of towels for a few days that were slightly damp to make them smell, well, bad instead of just a little funky. The Smelly Towel cleaner removed the smell and I could not tell the two week old towels from the fresh ones I had on the shelf, it worked that well.

All three cleaners worked well and the main odor removal that is the indication of clean is fantastic, if there is no odor there is less bacteria and germs. I found a few studies that relate odor and the presence of bad smells with the presence of bacteria and germs.

I really liked the fact that my washing machine and my in laws washer and dishwasher had less odor after using the Smelly Washer products. After all this is the main reason to buy it, bad smells usually indicate some kind of bacteria, germ or something else that is not good for you and getting rid of any odor is what you want.

Smelly Washer worked well for the several times I used it and got my clothes, washers and dishwashers clean, the only down side I could find is finding the product. You can buy Smelly Washer directly from the company’s website as well as from the internet at sites like Amazon or locally at Do-It-Best or Ace Hardware.

Smelly Washer cleaner and the other cleaners cost about $13 to $17 depending on the site or store you purchase it at and comes in a 12 ounce bottle for 24 applications. Smelly Washer Cleaner, Smelly Towel Cleaner and Smelly Dishwasher & Disposal Cleaner all work extremely well and do remove odor from your machines and clothes.

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