Sculpteo 3D Printing Service

Print models, small parts and figurines in 3 dimensions using the unique printing services of Sculpteo that uses 3 dimension drawings to print in plastic.

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Sculpteo Website

Printing has come a long way from the ribbons of black ink impregnated cartridges that the first printers used to the now endless field of 3 dimensional printing. You can actually have a company print a model, figurine, keychain and much more using the Sculpteo printing service.

I came across Sculpteo from a press release and my interest was immediately peeked, I found this a fascinating subject and the possibilities just boggled my mind when I checked out the site. You can have 3d objects printed in white, black or multicolored plastic depending upon the use of the item from a premade design or from your own 3D file.

You can design your own objects but you need the software, a 3 dimensional drawing program like Google SketchUp, Blender or 3DS Max will be needed. I used Blender and a premade software set I found on the internet of a hand grenade to have Sculpteo print me a larger model that is 5cm or about 2 inches tall.

I also purchased a smaller keychain sized hand grenade from the same design that is an inch and a quarter tall with an additional one inch chain and loop on the top. The design was downloaded from the internet and uploaded to Sculpteo using their easy to maneuver and use objects gallery.

Sculpteo Models

There are already thousands of designs from figurines of heroic and not so heroic characters to parts of models like a car but some of the fun ones are the miniatures and games. Sculpteo customers and fans have uploaded some miniatures like spaceships, yes Star Wars and Star Trek are there, and even iPhone cases.

They also have some interesting handheld puzzle games but I wanted to not only check out the printing services of uploading a 3 dimensional software design but something that shows my personality. I tried to get an Opus penguin 3 dimensional file but that was just not going to work so I found something that I am also into, no, not explosives but gaming.

I simply created an account and uploaded the file I wanted to use after converting it using Blender into the format that Sculpteo wanted. If you have a 3 dimensional file you want to use most programs like Blender and 3DS Max can convert them into various formats with .obj and .3ds being popular formats.

Once I uploaded the file Sculpteo converted and printed my 3d file using their printer technology, it was a simple process on my end even with the keychain. The site has some interesting videos of various printing jobs in progress and it only takes a short time both to get an object printed and have it delivered to your address.

Customizable Products

Print in 3D is a new technology but one that has many uses both in manufacturing and business as well as fun stuff like hobbies and general day to day use with phone cases. You can have just about anything designed depending on complexity and size like the aforementioned iPhone cases.

The iPhone cases have a slightly flexible case using the white plastic that the company uses for its printing so that the case can be snapped onto the phone. The whiter plastic is the material used for the key chains and you can use the black or a mineral based colored material for other things you order.

The white plastic is slightly flexible but very strong so a keychain is the better choice for this type of item, the black plastic is just a dyed white plastic so the same properties apply. The colored material available is a mineral based powder layered in the printing process but this is more delicate like porcelain so should only be used for ornamental objects.

Business use of 3D printing for models and prototype items is great and fast becoming an industry standard with companies like Sculpteo offering their unique services to both business and consumers. Consumers can use the Sculpteo services at a fair price for the expensive process, the 5 cm hand grenade costs $46 dollars and would cost $20 shipping.

Sculpteo Ordering

Keychains are free for printing but you have to pay for shipping, simply a $6 charge for shipping from their French company address, a great price for gifts. The price is pretty good for these objects when you consider the cost of one of those printers, easily starting in the tens of thousands of dollars.

The printing process can be simple and is easy to understand, the machine simply sprays a layer of plastic down and then sprays a second part like a hardener onto the layer of plastic. You can also spray a soluble holder type material onto the work area so that the model being printed can have voids and spaces that will later be empty when the model is washed.

There are several different printers used and my explanation is more of a simple one but you can view several videos of the process and see it in action. The printing process and even painting your models is not a unique one but the service that Sculpteo offers is a unique one, general consumers can use their 3D printing.

Models with multiple parts such as fully articulated models like robotic arms right are available straight from the printer and even parts for flying models are available. To show the level of engineering and other mechanical expertise you can use with Sculpteo one video shows a robotic arm that is fully movable right out of the printer.

Other models available like a car are bought in pieces and people have even designed and purchased parts for flying models like engine mounts for electric airplanes. Manufacturing also uses services like Sculpteo to make prototypes of designs and parts for machines so they can make sure things will work further along in the manufacturing process.

Sculpteo is a pretty big company and one of the very few that creates printed objects from 3D files that you can purchase easily over the internet. 3D printing is a unique technology and one that is new to the public and consumer, Sculpteo makes it easy to purchase fun and interesting models and useful objects.

While you may think that 3D printing is only for manufacturing the idea of printing a unique model as a gift or useful objects like model parts is also available. Do you know a geek who would love a unique one of a kind model of the Star Trek Enterprise or a Star Wars Tie Fighter?

Sculpteo has a wide range of models, useful objects like iPhone cases and puzzles along with the ability to upload your own 3D files to create your own objects. Check out the Sculpteo website for more information on 3D printing, their print services and models you can have printed just for you.

Sculpteo Website