SafetyBright Rechargeable LED 9-1 Safety Puck & Rechargeable Mini LED PlugLite

The Safety Bright Rechargeable Safety Puck makes a fantastic safety and emergency light along with the Safety Mini LED PlugLite that charges using your car’s 12 volt outlet.

Ease of Use/Performance: 21/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 22/25
How much I enjoy 23/25 

Total: 90/100

Safety Bright Safety Puck Mini PlugLite

Safety Bright sells a wide range of safety lighting, safety vests and flashlights with unique safety considerations in their wide range of products. I received two lights that make a great car and home safety set for emergency use both at home or in your vehicle.

The Safety Puck is a red LED rechargeable light with 9 separate light and flashing combinations for safety and emergency use that recharges easily with the enclosed adapters. The LED PlugLite is a small flashlight that uses a rechargeable batteries and your common vehicle outlet to recharge.

The Safety Puck includes the puck light itself, a magnetic base for charging, a car outlet and household plug in with a USB cable for charging. The Safety Puck has the USB cable for plugging the charge base into either the household adapter or the vehicle adapter as well as your computer or other USB powered device.

The charge base fits onto the puck using a magnet in the puck itself so the puck has a nice place to conveniently charge it as well as an easy way to stick it to a metal surface. The safety puck has two contacts on each side of the back of the puck for the charge base to pass its voltage through but you do need to pay attention to the polarity.

SafetyBright Safety Puck

The puck has a plus and minus symbol that corresponds to the plus and minus symbols on the charge base to make sure you attach it properly. If plug the base onto the puck in the wrong direction the LED will light up red to indicate it is either charged or incorrectly positioned.

The Safety Puck has 9 functions with the ring of red LED lights that circle it giving you the various combinations using an included computer circuit to light up the RED LED’s. The light combinations include rotating around the puck, quad flash, single blink, alternating blinks, SOS Morse code, steady on with high and low output, 2 and 4 LED flashlight.

The Safety Puck is a great safety light with the various attention getting flashing and blinking lights along with the on with two or four of the LED’s to use for a regular flashlight. The two and four LED lights work well for emergency use like changing a tire or finding your way when the power goes out while the rest are great for attention getting.

The blink and flashing is good for getting people’s attention whether you’re out camping, on the road or at home and need to have attention coming to your aid. I found the Safety Puck a great at home emergency light and in the worst case scenario of a tornado it would make a great way for people to find you even if it was just on a constant red light.

Safety Puck Parts

On a full charge the batteries should last 4 hours on high and 30 hours on steady low so this is a good setting for people to at least have some kind of chance of finding you in an emergency. The only other long lasting light is the steady single blink that should last for about 50 hours when fully charged.

If you know someone is currently looking for you the quad flashing or the Morse code SOS signal are probably the best and at the longest distances for getting someone’s attention. The light being a red LED light can be visible from a long distance but this would all depend on a lot of factors like visibility and any weather like fog or rain.

Safety Puck says it can be seen for a half mile which would be about right if you’re talking line of sight without any other light sources available to block or interfere like city street lights. The Safety Puck can be run over by a car, is water tight and the battery can last for 90 days according to the manual and I can believe it from my use.

An interesting thing happened a week after I received the Safety bright puck, a storm hit, we lost power and found ourselves hunkered in our basement with flashlights and the safety puck stuck to our fridge. The safety puck had been sitting on my shelf waiting its turn for my attention when I suddenly found myself needing a light.

Mini PlugLite

The LED light worked well and would make a great emergency light for recreation like boating or camping or just a handy light to carry in your car or to have ready at home. The LED Mini PlugLite would also make a handy light to carry in your car or boat for the same type of emergencies but not as a beacon for rescue.

The Mini PlugLite is a handy but small flashlight that is great to keep in the glove box or other place in your car, boat or camper. The Mini PlugLite has a flashlight LED bulb in the front with a twist front ring on the end that works as the on/off and charge switch.

The back end of the light is the usual car outlet/cigarette lighter plug in for charging the internal batteries which can be used in a 12 volt or 24 volt DC outlet. To charge the light simply pull off the rubber end with its carbineer, twist the end of the light to the charge setting and plug it into a 12 or 24 volt outlet.

The light will glow either red or blue depending on the voltage but will not turn off when it is fully charged, you have to just leave it plugged in for a couple of hours. The light can last for six hours on a single charge continuously to help light your way when you need it.

Mini PlugLite Parts

I can think of plenty of emergency situations like a tornado warning or a flat tire where the small hand held light would come in handy and with the included clip and magnetic holder it really can be handy. The Mini PlugLite comes with a clip on clamp that has a magnetic disc on the bottom and a clamp for holding the light to a handy edge, visor or other flat surface.

The clip has a circular ring that clamps onto the body of the light with a clamp and a magnet to hang the light for hands free convenience. The clip on clamp works well to hold the light so you don’t have to when you’re changing a tire or if you want to hang the light on the cars side using the magnet you can.

The clamp also works to hang the light on flat things like a visor or even a hat brim so you can use both hands for any tasks you need to. The Mini PlugLite works great as a handy and convenient flashlight that can be kept handy using the magnetic base clamp, the small carabineer or the clip.

The Mini PlugLite costs about $20 and comes in pink, brown and silver anodized aluminum while the Safety Puck costs about $40 from the Safety Bright website. I also found the Safety Puck at Kohl’s and a couple of other websites for about the same price so you can purchase it locally at a Kohl’s store.

Both the Safety Puck and the Mini PlugLite work well and are a great safety and emergency light as well as ones to keep around the home for safety and regular use. Check out both Safety Bright products at their website for some great gift ideas or for that thoughtful safety lights for your family.

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