Pull Ties

Pull Ties are a new freshness bag closure type device to keep the air out of storage and food bags like bread, chips and cereal bags that come in bright colors on a handy storage ring and are dishwasher safe.

Ease of Use/Performance: 22/25
Convenience/Storage 24/25
Appearance/Design 24/25
How much I enjoy 22/25

Total: 92/100

Pull Ties

At first glance you get the impression the designer of Pull Ties is a stay at home mom with plenty of time on her hands to dream up useful and convenient gadgets while watching her kids. That was the impression I first got when I saw a picture of Pull Ties and still remains whenever I see the ring of them hanging on their hook by my oven mitts.

Pull Ties are a new bag closing device, one of those new gadgets that make for a better way to close cereal bags, snacks and a lot more. Pull Ties are a simple push button catch that slides along a loop of flexible rubber like material with a round loop for storage used to close bags.

They kind of remind me of a kids toy with the bright colors and plastic holding ring as well as those string stoppers or cord locks found on drawstrings of jackets. The push button spring loaded release allows the center section to slide along the outer round bars to open and close against the bag.

The design is simple, much like a zipper on a rubber loop that uses the release catch to hold the bag shut and keep air out and freshness in. The only problem I found is being able to seal effectively on a heavier plastic bag that has so many folds under the catch.

“Pull Ties will replace your chip clips, twist ties, those little plastic tabs and more!” It’s easy to say about several different products but many of those other keep fresh products don’t work well. Truth is that sealing in freshness means an airtight seal and that means something more than a zip tie or clip but Pull Ties accomplish this quite well.
Pull Ties work by forcing the bag closed against the rubber loop using the catch that has the push button to release the catch to remove the bag. The force used to push the catch against the bag and the catch keeping it there is what keeps the air out of your bag and the food inside it fresh.

I did find the Pull Ties worked very well on bread bags because they are a softer plastic bag but on those cereal bags with their waxy paper they may not work as well. Pull Ties work great on things that you are going to be using sooner rather than later such as chips, nuts and other snacks or frozen veggie bags.

On things that you are storing for longer periods like baking nuts or possibly cereal that you only use occasionally Pull Ties might not be the perfect choice. 
I did find several items that Pull Ties really worked well with like frozen veggies or fruits, bags of snack nuts and popping popcorn, dried beans and peas as well as those loaf bags of bread.

The chip clip types of closures do a decent job but often you have to fold the bags at least once to get the clip to cover the whole top. Pull Ties simply scrunch the bag when you pull it shut and using the round end slipped on a finger you can get the closure snugged down tight.

Getting the bag into the loop can be easy for medium and smaller bags but for larger bags, again those cereal ones, you may have to fold and squeeze the bag to get it into the loop of the Pull Tie. The Pull Ties are flexible so opening and getting the loop by the catch open enough for a bag works pretty well and I found it easy to handle.

I was worried about breaking the Pull Ties but even after freezing for a week the rubber material the Pull Ties are made of do not get brittle or break when bending while frozen. The Pull Ties are tough and sturdy for a flexible material that you can really snug down tight using the ring to pull against.

Using the ring on the end of the pull tie you close the bag snuggly as well as using it to store the Pull Ties on the included plastic ring when not in use. You can also carry the bagged item by the loop which is said to be able to hold up to 15 pounds without slipping off.

I have carried around a 20 pound sack of potatoes without the Pull Tie slipping off the bag but I would not make this a habit or hang the bag from a hook using this much weight. You can hang smaller items like bags of snacks or nuts from the ring and keep things even neater and more organized in your pantry or storage cupboards as well.

Pull Ties may seem like one of those kitchen gadgets that is too good to be true but I have been convinced that they work well for many bagged items. You can purchase Pull Ties at QVC for about $18 for a set of ten in five bright colors including shipping and handling charges.

I highly recommend you check out Pull Ties for a unique and great working kitchen gadget for keeping those bags closed for freshness and less mess.

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