Pearl's Premium Lawn Seed

Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed is a special blend of lawn seed for low maintenance grass in a variety of sun, shady, or sun-shady mixtures that once established requires little mowing or watering.

Pearls Premium Low Maintenance Lawn Seed

While I prefer to perform regular reviews of products and not keep my audience waiting this is one review that will require a little patience, sometimes it’s good to spice things up. Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed is a low maintenance grass seed especially formulated to require less mowing and much less water than regular grass.

I have lived a long time in the face of lawn care and maintenance not only as a home owner with the ever present lawn around my various homes but also as the son of a business owner of a lawn care company. My father owned a lawn care business and spent the better part of his life caring for other people’s lawns by spraying both fertilizer and weed control as well as giving advice about lawn care.

The lawn care business my father owned was one of those companies that would spray customer’s lawns for both weed control and fertilizer among its many services. This was the main part of the business, the bread and butter if you will of lawn care companies and this regular spring and fall spraying is a mainstay of lawn care.

I don’t think Pearl’s knew that I come from this insider background and know more than the average homeowner about lawn care and maintenance. I do know quite a bit about lawn care, I just don’t care all that much about my lawn enough to spend much money on it and certainly don’t want to waste my weekends mowing.

I have a small back yard with about 30 feet by 40 feet of lawn for my dogs as well as the usual backyard barbeques and this is about the only lawn my home has. The rest of my homes landscaping is relegated to rocks and flowers, garden and wood chips except for the small front boulevard which the city says has to be grass.

Freshly Seeded w/ Pearl's Premium

I really could care less about having a lawn but the dogs need someplace and it is nice to have a little greenery amongst the other plants. Using a low maintenance grass seed is just the kind of time saving convenience I want and less water means no paying those water bills just to keep grass green.

A little experiment in just how low maintenance the Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed is and how well it takes over an established lawn is my kind of review. I have already seeded my existing lawn with five pounds of grass seed except for a cup or so for pictures and another comparison.

You can use the Pearl’s Premium for both over-seeding or allowing it to grow amongst already established grass or as a new lawn without anything previously growing. I will test out the Pearl’s Premium as an over-seeding project as well as a little comparison in three flower pots, maybe a little treat for my cats in a few months.

The directions for established lawns says to mow the grass you want to over-seed as short as possible and then rake the clippings up, I simply used a bagger and caught those clippings. You then spread some compost or organic fertilizer over the area and then spread the Pearl’s seed over the area with a five pound bag covering 1,000 square feet.

I am not going to be using fertilizer as I do have those dogs and I do not want to have the possibility of them getting the fertilizer caught in their paws and licking it up later when they come inside. I am going to treat this as a test and do what I usually do for my lawn, throw grass down and watch it grow as well as water according to directions.

Seed Comparison

Over-seeding is allowing the new grass to be spread on the old grass but you can also seed a new lawn using the Pearl’s grass seed but the five pound bag will cover less of an area. New lawn seeding requires you to spread the seed a little tighter and five pounds of the Pearl’s seed will cover only 800 square feet.

Once you start to grow the Pearl’s low maintenance grass seed you have to water the seed like others once a day and allow the seed to gain hold both in rooting and as new grass. The roots are the main difference with this grass seed, Pearl’s roots will grow to be a foot long after a year while common grass is usually about 4 inches long.

This means that with deeper roots the grass can more easily soak up water that is deeper in your yard instead of depending on the water that is near the top of your soil. Deeper roots means more water from the soil and less water you need to put on the grass and with less watering you pay less but the grass also is developed to require less mowing.

Just how it does that is also easy to understand, if the grass grows slower because they developed a slow growing hybrid that just means less mowing. The only down side to the slower growing grass is it will take longer to establish but I really don’t think of that as a down side to the less mowing benefit.

Pearl’s Premium Lawn Seed looks to be a great product but I need to revisit this one over the next few months, I will update you on this as the grass comes in and takes over my back lawn. I am also going to plant some of the seed in a small planter and compare this to a couple of brands of seed to show growing speed and the difference between a more normal grass seed mixture and the Pearl’s Premium.

Pearl’s Premium grass seed is available from their online website as well as several stores on the East Coast of the United States for about $35 for 5 pounds and less per pound for larger quantities. Check back here for updates and check out the Pearl’s website for more information about Pearl’s Premium Low Maintenance Grass Seed.

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